The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5219

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5219-James was one of the most potent powerhouses in his previous life. Thus, he could sense the power of the Jastra Sword.

Jastra raised his golden sword and said proudly, ‘This sword was named after me. My master gathered the Genesis Power of an eight-level plane to craft this

sword. It contains terrifying strength comparable to the power of an eight-level plane’s Genesis Path.”


Jastra pointed his sword at James, and Sword Energy rippled through the air.

Although James was unscathed by the invisible force, his comrades struggled and were almost blasted away.

James reminded them, “Back away.”

Zavis and the others quickly retreated from the battlefield and were relieved of the suffocating pressure.

James, on the other hand, remained calm on the battlefield. Although Jastra had summoned a powerful weapon, he was not afraid.

“You guys step back. Let me fight him,” Jastra gripped his weapon tightly and said confidently. He wanted to kill James alone.

His allies exchanged glances, then backed away.

However, knowing James’ strength, they did not go very far. Even though Jastra was wielding a powerful weapon, he might not necessarily be a match for

James. They wanted to let Jastra test James’ strength. Then, they could watch from behind and carefully analyze James’ Supernatural Power to take

precautions when it was their turn.

After they had retreated from the battlefield, Jastra raised his sword and charged at James. He disappeared from the spot. The next moment, he was already in front of James.

Before he could land his attack, a mysterious figure with the same appearance as James appeared. Then, the figure raised its hand, and a burst of energy

composed of inscriptions appeared from its palm.

The mysterious inscriptions resisted the Jastra Sword.

Suddenly, another figure appeared behind Jastra and attacked.

Jastra was struck in the back, and a severe wound formed. However, Jastra was powerful and quickly recovered from the injury. Then, he turned around and

slashed out his sword.

James’ future form was struck, and it immediately disintegrated.

The next moment, it reformed beside James. The other figure also returned to James’ side.

James’ past and future forms had the same aura as him. However, their strength differed.

The Dieux Academy’s powerhouses paid careful attention.

“Are those clones?”

“I don’t think so. I’ve seen many cultivators create clones before, but nothing comes close to this. I can sense that one of those figures contains the power of

the past and the other of the future. Their powers are truly mysterious and do not belong to the current era.”

The Dieux Academy’s powerhouses discussed James’ figures. Although they had a lot of experience, they had no idea what kind of Supernatural Power

James had used.

Ultimately, they could only conclude it was something similar to Supernatural Powers that could create clones. However, James’ clones were much more

advanced. Unlike regular clones, James’ clone was not destroyed after being struck. Instead, it reformed almost instantly.

Jastra had also been paying attention to every detail. His brows furrowed tightly,

confused about why James’ clone was not destroyed after being hit.


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