The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5222

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5222-James killed the five powerhouses at the Petit Celestial Rank who had joined forces with ease.

The battle’s outcome was unexpected.

After James eliminated the five of them, his remaining opponents were at the Sovereign Rank. Although his opponents had exceptional existence in some weaker planes, they were nothing impressive compared to the other participants in the Dieux Academy’s assessment.

“H-Hold it! We’ll eliminate ourselves!”

When the remaining members of the alliance saw James’ eyes resting on them, they immediately took the initiative to leave the Arena World. Seeing them leave, James dispersed the Tressencia Completare and Elemental Formation.

Shortly after, his comrades joined him.

“Was that the complete Tressencia Completare Art?” Zavis looked at James admiringly. He had known that James cultivated the Tressencia Completare Art a long time ago. However, he had never seen it in full force. He was surprised the Supernatural Power was so terrifying. “Can you teach me the Tressencia Completare Art?” Taran was intrigued by the potent Supernatural Power. If he were to cultivate it and raise his cultivation rank, he would be nearly invincible in the countless planes. James replied smilingly, “Unfortunately, it can’t be taught.

Even if I tried to, you won’t be able to understand or cultivate it.”

Gaius took notice of James’ pale face and asked worriedly,” Were you injured?”

The Tressencia Completare Art was potent. However, it was draining for James to combine his present and future forms. He would never have had the strength to cast it if not for the Elemental Formation’s blessing. After he had exerted the Tressencia Completare Art, his energy was nearly exhausted. James had to keep it a secret. Otherwise, outsiders would realize his weakness.

Fortunately, his vulnerability was only temporary. As long as he reached the Petit Celestial Rank, he could cast the Tressencia Completare Art without worries. Even better, he would not have to worry about running out of energy if he returned to the Martial Celestial Rank.

“I’m fine,” James replied casually, then ascended the spiritual mountain. He sat down in a lotus position and began restoring his drained energy. After staying on the mountain for a while, James departed to their next destination. Nobody knew what James was doing on the spiritual mountains. At that point, James’ group had eliminated the powerful participants that had occupied the spiritual mountains. In the Arena World, only the ten cities remained.

Those who had seized the Arena World’s ten cities were well -known powerhouses with great backgrounds from the Central Plane. They were either direct descendants of powerful forces or plane lords. Thus, each one of them possessed terrifying Supernatural Powers.

The spectators outside the Arena World were boiling with anticipation after seeing James leave the last spiritual mountain.

“Here we go!”

‘The real show is about to begin!”

“The battles up to now were just child’s play. It’s the final time for the interesting part!”

The Dieux Academy’s powerhouses were excited.


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