The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5223

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5223-The participants occupying the Arena World’s ten cities were from influentialbackgrounds. Although they joined the assessment, the Dieux Adademy’s elders remained respectful toward them. After all, they were powerful and had incredibly high status.

An elder of the Dieux Academy muttered, “I wonder who Forty-nine will target first.”

Xhemal gently stroked his beard and said smilingly,” Although Forty-nine has mastered an impressive Supernatural Power, he still has to rely on his comrades to enhance his strength. Almost everyone in the Arena World is already aware of this. If they can eliminate James’ comrades, his combat strength would be reduced significantly.”

The Dieux Academy’s powerhouses easily spotted James’ weakness, and so did the participants in the Arena World.

The powerhouses occupying the Arena World’s ten cities knew that without the complete Elemental Formation, James’ strength would weaken considerably, and he would not be able to fight them.

James and his comrades approached the Arena World’s central region where the ten cities were located. The cities had no particular order or ranking, but there were names of the Dieux Academy’s top ten powerhouses hovering above them.

“Every time we conquer a spiritual mountain, you always stay atop it for a while. What exactly were you doing, Forty- nine?” Zavis asked out of curiosity.

The others also glanced at him, waiting for his answer.

James no longer wanted to keep it a secret from his comrades. However, he did not want other participants to know about it yet. Thus, he set up a formation to prevent any eavesdroppers. Naturally, his formation only prevented participants in the Arena World from hearing them, whereas the Dieux Academy’s powerhouses could still listen in on their conversation.

After setting up the formation, James said smilingly, “In the Arena World, every spiritual mountain and city is formed by mysterious inscriptions.” “Mysterious inscription?”


‘Why didn’t I notice?”

‘What kind of inscriptions are they?”

James’ comrades were surprised.

The Dieux Academy’s powerhouses also exclaimed in shock.

“He really found them.”


The Dieux Academy’s powerhouses were excited. Nobody thought the participants would discover the secret.

However, James had surpassed their expectations.

Zavis and the others stared at James for an answer.

James explained, “The Dieux Academy has a magical Supernatural Power.”

Zavis responded, “Yeah, and?”

James elaborated, “Remember you guys asked me whether anyone in the countless planes has reached the Holy Celestial Rank? Back then, I answered perhaps a few legendary powerhouses have already entered the Holy Celestial Rank, right?

‘Well, the Dieux Academy’s founder is one of them. He created a potent skill called the Feimsurge Art. The spiritual mountains and cities in the Arena World

are made from Feimsurge Inscriptions.”

Gauis asked surprisedly, “Feimsurge Art? What kind of Supernatural Power is it?”

James did not explain in detail because he knew they were being watched. He smiled and replied, “It’s a compelling skill. Since ancient times, only the Dieux Academy’s founder has successfully cultivated it.”

The Dieux Academy’s powerhouses, including Xhemal, were stunned.

‘Who is he, really?” Jorah said, “The Feimsurge Art being the Dieux Academy’s Supernatural Power isn’t a secret.

However, he knows the Feimsurge Inscriptions were used to form the spiritual mountains and cities. Could he have already reviewed and understood them? Even so, he hasn’t ever seen the Feimsurge Art before, so he shouldn’t have known they are Feimsurge Inscriptions.”

Xhemal agreed, “Exactly. I’ll have to visit the Endlos Plane and get to the bottom of this.”


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