The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5225

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5225-When James and his comrades appeared outside the city, a terrifying aura suddenly emerged from the city. Before they could react, a few figures flashed through around them.

The attacker was speedy, leaving no chance for Zavis and the others to escape. James’ comrades were killed in the blink of an eye. Their bodies were

destroyed, and their souls were teleported out of the Arena World.

On the ancient street, James was left standing by himself.

Soon, the flickering figures fused into a man wearing a golden robe. He looked like an ordinary human in his early twenties.

“Hehe,” the man chuckled and said, “Now that you’re without comrades and the formation, you can only fight with the strength of the Sovereign Third Rank. How are you going to stand a chance against me?”

James looked at the man and asked, “What’s your name, and where are you from?”

“I’m Ladon Yushar from the Supremusseum.”

The Central Plane’s strongest forces included the Elysium Hall, Supremusseum, Valiant Alliance, Dieux Academy, Ancient Clan’s Immortal Mountain, Salubergh, Jerneeja Valley, Thunder Shrine, Spiritual Palace, and Sword Alliance.

They were ranked in the top ten but had no particular order. Many other powerful forces existed in the Central Plane that others argue to be in the top ten. However, there was no denying these ten forces were amongst the strongest.

James also acknowledged them to be the most potent forces of the Central Plane.

James was slightly startled but quickly composed himself. He had deliberately inquired about the Central Plane and the other planes’ current situation.

Naturally, he had paid special attention to the Supremusseum.

Quirijn was the current leader of the Supremusseum. In the past, he was one of he Supremussuem’s strongest envoys. Back in the day, he and James were both at the Martial Celestial Rank.

Meanwhile, another envoy of the Supremusseum became the Emyr Island’s Grand Patriarch. However, he had already died in a previous battle. In the ambush against him, nobody from the Supremusseum had participated.

Thus, James was unsure of who was secretly involved in the planning of his demise. Regardless, he did not trust Quirijn.

Ladon said, “At your current strength, I can easily kill you like an ant, Forty-nine. Even though you’ve defeated everyone who had seized a spiritual mountain, this is where it ends for you. However, I’m afraid rumors about me bullying a weakling would spread if I were to eliminate you.”

He knew powerhouses were watching the assessment, so Ladon did not immediately take action against James. He wanted to act more

generous. Moreover, his goal for coming to the Dieux Academy was to obtain the Feimsurge Art. The Feimsurge Art was not easy to cultivate. Even though he was a disciple of the Supremusseum, it would be challenging to acquire the Feimsurge Art.

Moreover, mastering it would be tough. Thus, Ladon knew he had to stay in the Dieux Academy for an extended period and contribute significantly to them. Then, the rest would be up to his comprehension ability and talent.

Even if he were to have met the prerequisites, he would not be able to view or cultivate the Feimsurge Art if he did not show tremendous potential. Countless powerhouses were watching from outside the Arena World. James had lost his comrades, so he no longer had the formation’s blessings. With his current cultivation rank, everyone found it impossible for him to fight an opponent at the Petit Celestial Rank. Everyone was curious to see what else James had up his sleeves.


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