The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5226

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5226-James had gained a lot of attention, and many people were wondering how he would fight an opponent at the Petit Celestial Rank without his comrades.

A cultivator’s rank was not the only criterion to measure strength. In fact, powerhouses at the same rank would have varied strength. Those with talent and greater comprehension abilities would master Supernatural Powers much more easily. It was only natural for those with better backgrounds to be much stronger than other cultivators at the same rank.

Ladon hovered in the sky with his hands behind him, staring at James contemptuously.

James, on the other hand, was relatively relaxed. Although his opponent was from the Supremusseum, he was not afraid. He looked at Ladon and said calmly, “Have you heard of the Feimsurge Art?”

‘The Feimsurge Art?” Ladon was surprised.

His goal for coming to the Dieux Academy was precisely for the Feimsurge Art.

The other living beings that had occupied cities in the Arena World were also bewildered.

‘The Feimsurge Art?”

“Why would he suddenly bring up the Feimsurge Art?” Meanwhile, the Dieux Academy’s powerhouses were overjoyed.

“Did he really comprehend it?”

“Haha! Amazing!”

Ladon recomposed himself and asked, “Of course, I’ve heard about the Feimsurge Art. It’s the Dieux Academy’s Supernatural Power. It’s also said to be one of the top ten Supernatural Powers that exists in all planes.”

Many powerhouses existed throughout the Central Plane, as well as other planes. Since ancient times, many legendary figures have stood out and created exceptional Supernatural Powers. The Feimsurge Art being recognized as one of the top ten was enough to prove how remarkable it was.

James said with a smile, “Everyone has only heard myths of the Feimsurge Art and desperately wants to know what it is like. Today, I’ll let you witness its strength.”

Ladon burst out laughing and mocked him, saying, “You’re bluff is too much. The Feimsurge Art is the Dieux Academy*s Supernatural Power. Only a handful of the academy’s members have seen it. Even so, nobody has ever managed to cultivate it. I’d like to see how a human from a low-level plane will perform the Feimsurge Art.”

James smiled faintly in response to his ridicule.

The participants in the Arena World were puzzled by James’ remark. However, the Dieux Academy’s powerhouses were looking forward to it.

James said calmly, “The Feimsurge Art is divided into six stages.

‘The first stage is a physical enhancement.”

After speaking, mysterious inscriptions emerged from his body and transformed into magical powers. The power enveloped his body, and his physical body transformed.

In just a short moment, James’ physical strength improved significantly. Then, he continued, saying, ‘The second stage is a blood enhancement.”

Immediately afterward, his bloodline power transformed and grew much more potent.

‘The third stage is a soul enhancement, followed by the fourth stage, strength enhancement.”

James’ soul and strength increased continuously as his voice permeated the area.


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