The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5228

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5228-Ladon went all out but was unable to injure James. He was completely dumbfounded.

James’ physical body was incredibly tough, and even the strength of the Petit Celestial Rank was unable to hurt him.

With James’ current strength, he could kill an opponent at the Great Celestial Rank with the addition of his Supernatural Powers.

“Huff.” James took a deep breath.

He was relieved to finally acquire the strength to fight a powerhouse at the Great Celestial Rank. There were countless powerhouses in the Central Plane.

It would be hard for him to accomplish anything if he were too weak.

“W-Where did you learn the Dieux Academy’s Feimsurge Art from?” Ladon looked at James stubbornly and asked, “Have you already joined the Dieux Academy a long time ago?”

James replied smilingly, ‘The Dieux Academy hid the Feimsurge Art inside the Arena World. You just didn’t find it.”

Ladon shouted in disbelief, “Impossible! Even if they were hidden in the Arena World, how could you have comprehended it within such a short period?”

The other participants watching from the other cities also found it hard to believe. Since ancient times, many members of the Dieux Academy have tried to cultivate the Feimsurge Art.

However, nobody had successfully comprehended it. The fact that James had cultivated it so quickly was hard to swallow.

Even the Dieux Academy’s powerhouses were in disbelief. However, they had no choice but to believe it after witnessing it.

Ladon said coldly, “You’ve many tricks. I’d like to see how strong you are.”


He waved his hand, and a white light appeared. Then, it materialized into a dazzling long sword.

The sword’s blade was white, and a cloud could be seen flowing through it.

“It’s the Supremusse Sword.”

The Dieux Academy’s powerhouses were surprised.

“It’s the Supremusseum’s legendary sword.”

“I didn’t expect Quirijn to have given the Supremusse Sword to Ladon.” “I heard the Supremusseum’s founder crafted the sword. He collected the Genesis Power of countless planes and some unparalleled materials to make it.”

“It’s the Supremusseum’s greatest weapon.”

“Out of all weapons that exist, it’s one of the best.”

“I heard the Supremusse Sword is at the Holy Celestial Rank.”

“I wonder how much of the sword’s power Ladon can exert.”

“This battle is going to be exciting. It’s the Feimsurge Art against the Supremusse Sword. Which one of them is stronger?”

There was a lot of discussion in the Dieux Academy’s main hall.

James was stunned to see the Supremusse Sword, and he trembled ever so slightly.

Ladon noticed James’ shivering body and thought his opponent was frightened.

“Meet the Supremusse Sword, Forty-nine. It’s the Supremusseum’s strongest treasure.”

Ladon was full of confidence. With the Supremusse Sword, he could even take on a powerhouse at the Great Celestial Rank.

James’ face darkened, and he clenched his fists. He had crafted the Supremusse Sword, and it belonged to him.


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