The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5229

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5229-Back then, James went to great lengths to craft the Supremusse Sword. Yet, it had ended up in someone else’s hands.

“I’d like to see if your body can withstand the Supremusse Sword.” Ladon gripped the Supremusse Sword, full of confidence. Suddenly, he unleashed a powerful Sword Energy, which contained the Genesis Power of countless planes.

His attack caused tremors throughout the Arena World, and the realm felt like it was about to fall apart.

‘The Supremusse Sword is really powerful,” Xhemal exclaimed while reinforcing the Arena World.

James immediately became serious after Ladon pulled out the Supremusse Sword. He knew the Supremusse Sword’s strength really well. Although he could easily retrieve the sword, it would expose his identity and attract his former enemies.

While James was in thought, the Sword Energy had gotten close. At the same time, Ladon had appeared with the Supremusse Sword and slashed out.

James stood calmly in place. He raised his hand, then concentrated his powers and inscriptions to form a protective barrier.


The Sword Energy struck the protective barrier. Immediately afterward, the Supremusse Sword also fell.

James’ protective barrier was shattered and slashed at James.

However, the sword had struck an afterimage. James’ real body had already appeared in the distance. Even so, a bloody wound had formed across his chest, and a few of his bones were exposed.

‘The Supremusse Sword is terrifying.” “Before this, Ladon could not even scratch Forty-nine when he used all his strength. After wielding the Supremusse Sword, he easily injured him.”

The other participants watching the battle were shocked and began pondering whether they stood a chance against Ladon, who had the Supremusse Sword.

They thought about what kind of Supernatural Powers and means they had to use to stand against the Supremusse Sword.

“It seems the Supremusse Sword is stronger.”

“Not necessarily. It’s not the Feimsurge Art that’s too weak. It’s Forty-nine.” Many powerhouses debated on the battle.

Meanwhile, James lowered his head and examined the wound on his chest. He was not surprised the Supremusse Sword managed to injure his current body.

After all, he was the one who crafted it, and he was familiar with its power.

Ladon chuckled when he saw James injured. “Haha. Nobody dares to look down on the Supremusse Sword. It was created by the Supremusseum’s founder with the Genesis Powers of countless planes. The Supremusse Sword contains the powers of countless planes, even including the Central Plane.

Having it is equivalent to having cultivated the Genesis Path Scripture.”

“Ha!” James sneered.

He thought, ‘How could the Supremusse Sword be equivalent to the Genesis Path Scripture? The Genesis Path Scripture is divided into two parts. The first part is about cultivating Genesis Power. The Supremusse Sword’s power is only equivalent to the Genesis Path Scripture’s first half.

‘The Genesis Path Scripture’s second half is the real core. It’s a pity I can’t use the Genesis Path Scripture’s Supernatural Powers.’ Ladon boasted, “Do you even know about the Genesis Path Scripture? It’s the best Supernatural Power ever to exist. It’s stronger than the Dieux Academy’s Feimsurge Art. I won’t even need the Genesis Path Scripture to deal with you.

The Supremusse Sword is more than enough.”


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