The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5230

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5230-Ladon arrogantly hinted that he had cultivated the Supremusseum’s Genesis Path Scripture.

Nobody knew that James had never passed on the Genesis Path Scripture to anyone else, not even to his confidants. It was only in his current life that he had taught it to others. He left the Genesis Path Scripture to the Endlos’ Human Race. In the future, the humans that leave the Endlos Planes would be powerhouses profound in the Genesis Path Scripture.

However, nobody was aware of the truth. The other participants were startled after hearing Ladon’s claim. Even Wubbe from the Elysium Hall sighed and said, “I don’t think I’ll stand a chance against Ladon if he has the Supremusse Sword and Genesis Path Scripture.”

James, on the other hand, looked at Ladon indifferently. Meanwhile, his injuries healed rapidly.

“So you’re confident you’ll defeat me?” James asked calmly.

Ladon replied arrogantly, “Defeating you is too easy.”

With the Supremusse Sword, Ladon had the utmost confidence in victory.

“Let’s make a bet,” James proposed.

Intrigued, Ladon asked, “Oh? What’s on the line?”

James pointed at Ladon’s sword and said, “I want the Supremusse Sword.”

Ladon was slightly taken aback. He did not own the Supremusse Sword. His father lent it to him temporarily, and he had to return it after being recruited as a disciple of the Dieux Academy.

He quickly recomposed and asked curiously, “And what’s in it for me?”

James answered, “The Feimsurge Art and Thaddeus Holiness’ Tressencia Completare Art.”

‘Thaddeus Holiness?” Ladon was surprised. The name was very familiar to him but, at the same time, very unfamiliar. He had heard of Thaddeus Holiness more than once.

However, he had never seen Thaeddeus in person before.

The Dieux Academy’s powerhouses were thrown into a frenzy.

‘Thaddeus Holiness?!! Could Forty-nine be a disciple of Thaddeus?!!”

‘Thaddeus Holiness is a legend in ancient books. Everyone has heard of his name before, but nobody has seen him.

Does he truly exist?” James was confident in showing his Supernatural Powers in the Dieux Academy’s assessment since he had already thought about a way out. He was going to use Thaddeus Holiness.

Countless myths and legends exist throughout the numerous planes. Thaddeus Holiness was one of them. It was rumored that Thaddeus was one of the few who had reached the Holy Celestial Rank.

Unlike the Dieux Academy’s founder, who was seen by others in the past, Thaddeus had never been spotted before. Thus, Thaddeus, whom nobody had seen before, was the perfect shield.

Ladon looked at James and asked, “Y-You’re a disciple of Thaddeus?”

James did not give him a direct answer. Instead, he said, “A Supernatural Power created by Thaddeus is definitely above the Genesis Path Scripture. It’s called the Tressencia Completare Art. I had used it in my previous battles.”


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