The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5231

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5231-“Tressencia refers to the past, present, and future.

“It’s the combination of powers of the past, future, and present.

“Combining the three isn’t as simple as one plus one. Sadly, my cultivation achievements and comprehension are limited. I can’t comprehend the true Tressencia Completare Art. I also can’t exert the true might of the Tressencia Completare Art.”

While James was speaking, he stared at Ladon.

He saw a trace of greed on Ladon’s face.

It was clear that Ladon was greedy for the Feimsurge Art and Tressencia Completare Art.

James continued, “What do you think? Do you want to take on the challenge? If you defeat me and destroy my physical body, eliminating me, I’ll take it that I’ve lost. Not only will I give you the Feimsurge Art, but I will also guide you in cultivating it. I will even guide you on Thaddeus’ signature skill, the Tressencia Completare Art. However, if you lose, you will give me your Supremusse Sword.

“You should think it through. There are many powerhouses in the outside world.

Many big shots are watching. If you lose and don’t hand over the Supremusse Sword, you will look bad.”

After that, James stopped speaking.

Ladon fell into deep thought.

Putting aside the Tressencia Completare Art, the Feimsurge Art was still worth the challenge.

Besides, the Tressencia Completare Art, the signature skill of the legendary powerhouse, Thaddeus, was also included in the reward. If he won the challenge, he would gain a lot.

He was weighing his and James’ abilities.

He saw James showcase the Tressencia Completare Art in person before.

James could kill a powerhouse of the Petit Celestial Rank instantly.

It was terrifying.

Nevertheless, Ladon had the Supremusse Sword. The sword was a great help to him. With the Supremusse Sword, he could fight against a powerhouse of the Great Celestial Rank even though he was in the Petit Celestial Rank. He could even kill a powerhouse of the Great Celestial Rank.

Aside from that, he came from Supremusseum. He mastered countless signature skills of Supremusseum.

After thinking about all this, he became confident.

“Forty-nine, I accept your challenge. If you lose, don’t regret it. Otherwise, you will have no place in this Central Plane and other planes.”

Ladon’s voice sounded throughout the area.

Upon hearing Ladon agree to his deal, James let out a sigh of relief.

In this way, he could get back the Supremusse Sword that used to openly belong to him. Only he could exert the sword’s true might, as the sword was created by him and he was the only one who mastered the Genesis of the thousands of planes.

“With so many powerhouses watching in the outside world, I hope you don’t go back on your words,” said James.

Then, with one arm behind his back, he used his other hand to make a gesture.

He said, “Make a move. Let me see how much of the Supernatural Signature Skill of the Supremusseum’s inheritance you’ve cultivated.”

“Since you’re seeking death, I’ll fulfill your wish,” Ladon scoffed. Then, he pulled out the Supremusse Sword and slashed.

The slash shook the world.

A trace of Sword Energy emerged. The Sword Energy split into two, then into four, eight, and sixteen.

In an instant, countless Sword Energies appeared in the area.

Each Sword Energy contained a different power and the Genesis of a plane.

There were both powerful and weak Genesis.

The powerful ones were the Genesis of ninth-level planes, while the weak ones were the Genesis of first or secondlevel planes.

‘This Sword Path is called Thousand Thoughts. It’s a Sword Path exclusive to the Supremusse Sword.”

Ladon’s voice rang in the area.

As his voice sounded, the countless Sword Energies had already engulfed James.


James took in a deep breath.

He was extremely familiar with the power of the Genesis Path, but he had to act as if he was unfamiliar with it.


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