The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5232

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5232-There were countless Sword Energies.

Each Sword Energy was a Genesis Sword Energy.

A Genesis Sword Energy formed by an average sword was already extremely strong. Thus, the Genesis Sword Energy formed by the Supremusse Sword was even more terrifying.

Any one of its Sword Energy could kill a powerhouse of the Petit Celestial Rank.

Ladon’s attack was a terrifying killer move.

The living beings from the other cities were sure they would not be able to handle it. They would choose to avoid the attack if they were facing it.

James was not an exception. He believed that his physical body could not resist the attack of these Genesis Sword Energies. He also believed that the Supernatural Signature Skills he cultivated could not resist these Genesis Sword Energies.

The Tressencia Completare Art was his ultimate move.

Even if he used the Feimsurge Art and obtained the power that surpassed his current cultivation rank, once he used the Tressencia Completare Art, it would consume a lot of his strength.

When there was no absolute certainty that Ladon could be killed with one move, James would not use the Tressencia Completare Art.

If he used the Tressencia Completare Art and failed to kill Ladon, he would lose the battle.

If he lost the battle, it would be hard to get the Supremusse Sword back.

At this critical moment, James used the Blithe Omniscience and avoided the attack.

However, when his body appeared in the distance, he was surrounded by Sword Energies again.

These Genesis Sword Energies were strange. They could sense James’ aura and follow him automatically. They launched fatal attacks on him.

James dared not act recklessly.

He used all the Supernatural Signature Skills he could showcase.

Firstly, he entered the state of the Marciais Path. With the Heart Power of the Marciais Path, his power increased a bit. The Heart Power greatly enhanced his strength.

Then, he used the Defying Heavens Art.

The energies of small worlds in his body were released at once. Right after that, the power of heaven and earth gathered in his body quickly.

With the power of heaven and earth, he reshaped his spine.

At this moment, he was heaven and earth.

He took thirty-three steps.

Even though the space here was stable and had the power of the Martial Celestial Rank, the void here still collapsed at his steps. The Genesis Sword Energies in the surrounding area were also shattered.

Now, James was in his strongest state.

Aside from the Supernatural Signature Skills he mastered in his previous life, he also used the Supernatural Signature Skills he cultivated in this life.


At this time, an invisible Sword Light appeared.

The Sword Light was dazzling.

James avoided the Sword Light in time.

Nonetheless, his speed was a bit too slow. His arm was pierced by the Supremusse Sword. A startling wound appeared.

Even though his physical body was invincible and had Gaius’ Petrification, his body still could not resist the Supremusse Sword’s attack although it was being strengthened again and again.

Before he could react, Ladon attacked again using the Supremusse Sword.

Ladon used a unique motion of Supremusseum.

His speed was uncanny.

He constantly materialized around James. James could not fight back at all.

In a short span, James was slashed thousands of times. His body was covered in wounds and blood. He was bloody.


In the distance, Ladon’s disdained laughter sounded.

“It’s such a waste that Dieux Academy’s signature skill, Feimsurge Art, is in your hands. If I master the Feimsurge Art, with the Supremusse Sword in my hands, I can fight against a powerhouse in the initial stage of the Martial Celestial Rank.” Ladon pitied James.

He pitied that James’ cultivation rank was too low. Even though James had mastered the Feimsurge Art, he was destined to fail.

At this instant, countless Sword Energies aimed for James.


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