The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5235

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5235-“Haha. You aren’t as strong as I expected.”

When Ladon saw that James was constantly getting injured, he relaxed.

To Ladon, James had already lost.

Ladon believed he had won the challenge.

Not only could he obtain the signature skill of Dieux Academy, the Feimsurge Art, but he could also obtain Thaddeus’ signature skill, the Tressencia Completare Art.

On the battlefield, James was covered in wounds.

His past form appeared on Ladon’s left, while his future form appeared on his right.

James wiped away the blood that seeped out of his mouth. He activated the Life Path, and the wounds on his body healed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Currently, he was waiting for a chance to kill Ladon in one move.

His only chance was to use the Tressencia Completare Art. He needed to combine the past, present, and future before giving Ladon a fatal blow.

James created the Supremusse Sword.

He knew the might of the Supremusse Sword.

He believed the Tressencia Completare Art could break the Genesis Protective Barrier formed by the Supremusse Sword.

Now, James needed to numb Ladon.

Once Ladon took his attention off the battle, James would strike and win the battle.

James looked at Ladon standing in the distant void and said, “I admit defeat.

You’ve won the battle. According to our previous agreement, I will teach you the supreme signature skill of Dieux Academy, the Feimsurge Art. I will also guide you in cultivating the Tressencia Completare Art that was created by Thaddeus.”

James chose to admit defeat.

Upon hearing James admit defeat, Ladon laughed.

At the same time, he grew excited.

James admitting defeat meant Ladon could obtain the signature skill of Dieux Academy, the Feimsurge Art, and the mysterious Tressencia Completare Art.

James withdrew his past and future forms. His body gradually descended from the sky. Then, he stood on the ground steadily.

Meanwhile, Ladon also dispersed the Genesis Protective Barrier.

Once he dispersed the Genesis Protective Barrier, James disappeared. At the next second, James appeared before Ladon.

The moment James materialized, his past and future forms combined.

Once they combined, double images appeared on the left and right sides of his body. As the double images merged, an extremely strong power emerged from his body.

Out of nowhere, James attacked Ladon.

Ladon did not expect James to attack him after admitting defeat. Without the Genesis Protective Barrier, Ladon could not resist the power of James’ Tressencia Completare Art.

Under the destruction of James’ terrifying power, Ladon’s physical body was annihilated instantly.

James immediately snatched the Supremusse Sword once Ladon’s physical body was annihilated.

The Supremusse Sword was a peerless Ancestral God Weapon. The moment James grabbed the Supremusse Sword, it trembled. The sword was resisting him.

If James wanted, he could tame the Supremusse Sword easily.

However, many big shots were watching this scene in the outside world.

He flew backward due to the Supremusse Sword’s power.


After Ladon’s physical body was destroyed, his spirit was sent out of the Arena World. Then, a furious roar sounded. Ladon wanted to say something, but before he could finish speaking, he was sent out of the Arena World.

“Nothing is too deceitful in war.”

James smiled.

Looking at the Supremusse Sword floating in the void, he rubbed his temple and mumbled to himself, “The Supremusse Sword originated from Supremusseum. It has resistance toward me. It’s quite hard to obtain the Supremusse Sword. I can only obtain it by removing the aura in the Supremusse Sword. However, the sword is controlled by Quirijn Yushar, the master of Supremusseum. With my cultivation rank, I can’t remove the aura in the Supremusse Sword left behind by Quirijin.”

James had a troubled expression.

Nonetheless, it was all an act. He was putting on a show for the powerhouses in the outside world.

He mumbled again, “It seems that I can only ask the powerhouses of Dieux Academy to remove the aura in the Supremusse Sword after I complete the assessment. That way, I’ll be able to control the sword.”


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