The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5236

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5236-James could not do anything about the Supremusse Sword for the time being.

Nevertheless, he did not care about that. He let the Supremusse Sword float in mid-air.

He walked toward the spiritual mountain ahead and sat cross-legged on its peak.

He had suffered from injuries during the battle.

Sitting in a lotus position, he began healing his wounds.

At present, there were nine spiritual mountains left in the Arena World. The nine spiritual mountains were each guarded by a powerhouse of the Petit Celestial Rank. These powerhouses were powerful and had treasures.

Even though the treasures could not be compared to the Supremusse Sword, they were still powerful.

At this time, many powerhouses of the Petit Celestial Rank fell into deep thought. They were all thinking about what to do if James attacked them next.

They wondered if they could use this opportunity to kill and eliminate James since James was injured.

Although they had such thoughts, no one took action. They waited in their respective cities.

They believed they were not Ladon’s match since Ladon had the Supremusse Sword.

Nonetheless, they wanted to fight against James. James’ signature skills were powerful, and they wanted to have a taste of it.

Even though James had defeated Ladon, he did so by being deceitful. He tricked Ladon into dispersing the Genesis Protective Barrier and took that chance to kill him. If Ladon had not dispersed the Genesis Protective Barrier, James would not have won.

Thus, the powerhouses of the Petit Celestial Rank believed they had a chance of winning against James.

Days flew by.

James’ injuries healed. He also obtained the inscriptions of this city and a part of the Feimsurge Inscriptions.

However, the fifth and sixth stages of the Feimsurge Art were tough. Even though James had obtained the inscriptions, he could not comprehend them in a short time.

James gradually stood up. He scanned the surrounding city.

“Forty-nine, I’m here.”

A voice sounded.

Looking in the direction of the voice, James realized Aurelius was the one calling him.

Aurelius waved at James from the sky above the city and called out, “Come here.”

James’ body flashed and disappeared. At the next moment, he showed up in the city where Aurelius was.

With a smile, Aurelius said, “Let’s dismiss the battle between us. I believe I’m not your match. You occupied spiritual mountains and cities because you wanted to obtain the Feimsurge Inscriptions, right? You can observe and comprehend this city I occupy as much as you want.”

James glanced at Aurelius. Without saying anything, he found a spot and sat on the ground. He began to focus on comprehending.

His Zen integrated into the city.

Under the senses of his Zen, he realized that this city was formed by inscriptions. The sceneries, things, and even the streets were inscriptions.

These inscriptions were profound and complex.

Even James could not comprehend the inscriptions in a short time.

Nevertheless, James did not need to comprehend the inscriptions now. He only needed to sense the existence of the inscriptions and remember them.

Soon, he sensed the inscriptions of this city and memorized them.

He stood up once again and headed to another city.

Aurelius was the first to allow this.

Although the powerhouses of the Petit Celestial Rank who occupied other cities wanted to fight against James, they did not know if they could win. Thus, they chose not to fight. Instead, they allowed James to sense the Feimsurge Inscriptions in their cities.

In the outside world, in the apex main hall of Dieux Academy, many powerhouses were having a discussion.

“There are no more battles.”

“It has been pretty good. Forty-nine has surprised us.”

On the other hand, the headmaster of Dieux Academy, Xhemal, left the main hall of Dieux Academy.

He headed toward the so-called Endlos Plane. He wanted to inquire about James’ details.


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