The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5237

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5237-However, upon arriving in the area where the Endlos Plane was, Xhemal realized that the area had nothing.

No matter how he sensed the area, he could not sense the aura of the Endlos Plane.

This realization made him frown.

Since he could not sense the existence of the Endlos Plane, he could not enter the Endlos Plane and inquire about James’ details. Thus, he could only return to Dieux Academy.

“Sir Xhemal, how was it? Did you find anything?” Jorah questioned once Xhemal returned.

Xhemal shook his head and answered, “I went to where the Endlos Plane was according to the location Ziyad provided, but I did not find the Endlos Plane. I did not sense the existence of the Endlos Plane. A powerhouse must have hidden the Endlos Plane. He does not want other living beings to enter the Endlos Plane.”

Xhemal did not ponder too much about all this.

In his opinion, the legendary Thaddeus might have hidden Endlos.

Meanwhile, Thaddeus was hiding in the Endlos Plane.

In the Arena World, after defeating Ladon by deceit, James stopped fighting.

The powerhouses of the Petit Celestial Ranks in the rest of the cities also chose not to fight against James. They allowed him to observe and sense the Feimsurge Inscriptions.

James obtained the complete Feimsurge Art as he desired.

Nonetheless, it was difficult for him to reach the fifth and sixth stages of the Feimsurge Art.

In the main apex hall of Dieux Academy, Xhemal stood up and said, “I’m announcing the end of this round’s assessment.”

An elder asked, “Forty-nine killed and eliminated so many living beings. There are only a few powerhouses of the Petit Celestial Rank left. How should we calculate the result of the assessment?”

Xhemal smiled and said, “Elders, you can recruit anyone who has impressed you as your disciple. As for the powerhouses from the great sects and huge planes, let them choose.”

With that, Dieux Academy’s disciple-recruiting assessment came to an end.

The spiritual mountains and cities in the Arena World disappeared.

On the other hand, the living beings in the secret realm were sent out of the arena.

The prodigy powerhouses who completed the nine tests and entered the Arena World showed up in the vast area outside the apex main hall of Dieux Academy.

James, Gaius, Gurgen, Zavis, and Taran stood at the front. The rest were powerhouses of the Petit Celestial Rank.

At the entrance of the main hall, many powerhouses of Dieux Academy gathered.

The powerhouses stared at James. His performance during this assessment had shocked them all. They wanted to recruit James as their disciple.

Nevertheless, there was still an unsolved matter-the Supremusse Sword.

With a thought, Xhemal summoned the Supremusse Sword from the secret realm. The sword floated in the main hall.

Looking at the Supremusse Sword, Xhemal rubbed his temples with a heavy expression.

According to the challenge, the sword belonged to James. However, the master of the sword came from a strong background. Dieux Academy could not offend him.

Upon seeing the Supremusse Sword, James stood forward and said, “Sir Xhemal, this sword belongs to me now. Please remove the aura of the Supremusse Sword’s master.”

Xhemal sighed. He felt helpless as he said, “Do you know who this sword belongs to? It belongs to Quirijn of Supremusseum.”

“So what?”

James did not care who the sword belonged to. He said,”

Supremusseum’s disciple lost the challenge. I killed and eliminated him, making the sword mine. Besides, is Supremusseum really that great? They’re only still around because my teacher doesn’t travel to the outside world. If he did, he could destroy Supremusseum with just a thought.”

James brought up Thaddeus again.

No one in the outside world knew if James was truly Thaddeus’ disciple. The living beings in the outside world also did not know who Thaddeus was. Thus, they could not verify this fact.


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