The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5238

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5238-“Forty-nine, you deceived me.”

Ladon stood forward, his face pale. He clenched his fists, wanting to tear James into pieces.

James glanced at Ladon and said, “So what if I did We agreed in the beginning that one would only win if one killed and kicked the other person out of the arena. You were careless. You can’t blame me for this.”


Ladon breathed heavily.


Xhemal stood forward and glanced at Ladon. He said, ‘You lost.”

Since the headmaster of Dieux Academy said so, Ladon could not say anything else. He only glared at James.

“Quirijn, why don’t you show yourself?” Xhemal looked into the distant void.

Following Xhemal’s words, many living beings turned around.

In the distant void, a middle-aged man appeared. The man wore a golden robe.

His aura was extraordinary. Strange clouds were floating behind him.

The man was the current master of Supremusseum, Quirijn. He was also the current master of the Supremusse Sword.

Quirijn stepped on the void and walked over. In an instant, he appeared in the sky above the apex main hall of Dieux Academy. His body gradually descended, and he stood steadily before Xhemal.

“Greetings, Lord Supreme,” said many powerhouses of Dieux Academy.

Xhemal looked at the clouds and smiled. He said, ‘Your son challenged Fortynine and lost the Supremusse Sword. You must have seen it in the dark. Do you think this challenge counts?”

“Haha. Of course, it counts.”

Before Quirijn spoke up, laughter sounded from the void.

Following the sound of laughter, another middle-aged man appeared.

He wore plain clothes, but his aura was powerful.

He was the clan leader of the Ancient Clan, the lord of a ninth-level plane. He was Fabrizio, the lord of the Immortal Mountain.

Holding the Supremusse Sword, Quirijn was feared by everyone.

Even Fabrizio of the Ancient Clan’s Immortal Mountain feared Quirijn.

Although they were allies in the dark, they were enemies at the same time.

The Ten Great Forces and a few powerful planes were at odds. None of them wanted other living beings to be stronger than them.

Now that there was a chance to weaken Quirijn’s ability, Fabrizio did not want to let it slip out of his hands.

Many powerhouses watched Dieux’s Academy disciple recruitment assessment in the dark. None of them showed themselves. Only Fabrizio of the Ancient Clan’s Immortal Mountain showed up.

Fabrizio glanced at Quirijn and said with a smile, “Quirijn, countless living beings of thousands of planes are watching. Do you think this challenge counts?”

Quirijn glanced at Ladon.

Reluctantly, Ladon said, “Father, I want to get the Feimsurge Art and Tressencia Completare Art.”

Quirijn did not reprimand Ladon.

Looking at Xhemal, Quirijn smiled and said, “Since Ladon lost the challenge, we, Supremusseum, will admit defeat. However…”

Then, he glanced at James.

“Forty-nine, right? Do you know that this Supremusse Sword is a treasure of Supremusseum? I may be giving it to you now, but I will think of a way to get it back in the future.”

Under Quirijn’s gaze, James was unafraid. He said, “If you use a legitimate way to get it back, I have nothing to say, but if you forcefully snatch it back by relying on your powerful abilities, your reputation will be tarnished.”

‘You’re brave.”

A murderous intent flashed in Quirijn’s eyes.

“Take the Supremusse Sword for now. In the future, I will personally get it back.”


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