The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5239

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5239-James smiled and asked, “I wonder how you’re going to get it back.”

“Since we lost it because of the challenge, I will win it back. Do you dare to take on my challenge?” Quirijn looked at James.

“What’s the challenge?” James looked at Quirijn.

“I don’t want to take advantage of you when your cultivation base is still weak. I’ll give you time to grow and cultivate. One entrapoch later, I will come and get the Supremusse Sword myself. I won’t have mercy on you. The day I obtain the Supremusse Sword will be the day you die. So, do you dare to take on this challenge?”

“Alright. I’ll take on the challenge.” James did not hesitate.

An entrapoch was a long time.

With his potential, one entrapoch was enough for him to restore his cultivation base to the state of his previous life. He could reach the Holy Celestial Rank.


Quirijn scoffed before disappearing.

After he left, Fabrizio of the Ancient Clan’s Immortal Mountain also left the area.

After all, he did not want to stay in Dieux Academy for a long time.

“Forty-nine, you’re too rash.”

Xhemal frowned and said, “Even though you have great potential and strong comprehension, one entrapoch is too short. Do you think you can reach Quirijn’s level in one entrapoch?”

James smiled and said, “That depends on how much resources Dieux Academy is willing to give me. According to the previous agreement, Dieux Academy will give me an eighth-level plane and one entrapoch of resources. If Dieux Academy follows through with the agreement, I believe I can reach Quirijn’s level and maybe even surpass him in one entrapoch.”

‘You’re ambitious.” Xhemal gave James a thumbs up. Then, he erased the aura in the Supremusse Sword, making the Supremusse Sword ownerless.

Although the aura Quirijn left behind in the Supremusse Sword was powerful, Xhemal was the one removing the aura. Xhemal was in the same cultivation rank as Quirijn. Moreover, Quirijn did not stop Xhemal from removing the aura.

Thus, Xhemal could remove the aura in the Supremusse Sword easily.

He waved his hand, and the Supremusse Sword flew toward James.

James took the Supremusse Sword and sensed its aura. He felt confident.

“Forty-nine, you performed well during the disciple recruitment assessment. I promised to give you an eighthlevel plane and one entrapoch of cultivation resources.

Now, it’s time for you to make a decision. Among the many powerhouses in the academy, who would you like to be your teacher?”

All the living beings looked at James.

They wanted to know who James would choose to be his teacher.

However, James said, “I don’t want anyone to be my teacher.”


Xhemal was taken aback.

James said, “I hope Dieux Academy can open up another spiritual mountain for me and give me an elder position. I want to become an elder of Dieux Academy.” When James said that, everyone was shocked.

The powerhouses of Dieux Academy were stunned.

Open up another mountain and make him an elder?

How could this be said by a living being of the Sovereign Third Rank?

How could a human of the Sovereign Third Rank say such things?


Xhemal touched his white beard and laughed. “Forty-nine, you have great ambitions. First, you want an eighth-level plane and one entrapoch of cultivation resources. Now, you want the academy to open up a mountain and make you an elder. How are you so confident?”

“Because I’ve cultivated the Feimsurge Art until the fourth stage. Give me some time, and I will master the complete Feimsurge Art,” said James confidently.

“Alright. As you wish.”

Seeing that James was so confident, Xhemal said, “I will make an exception for you today. I will open up a mountain and make you an elder.”


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