The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5240

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5240-Xhemal’s words shocked the elders of Dieux Academy.

“Sir Xhemal, please reconsider this.”

“Sir Xhemal, I admit that Forty-nine is a prodigy and has strong comprehension.

However, he has just entered Dieux Academy. If you open up a mountain and make him an elder, the world will laugh at Dieux Academy once this spreads.”

‘That’s right. Even though he’s talented, he should follow the rules. He can’t become an elder right upon entering the academy.”

Several powerhouses of Dieux Academy advised Xhemal.

The potential James showed was indeed terrifying. It definitely surpassed that of all the amazing powerhouses in the history of Dieux Academy.

Nonetheless, James had just entered Dieux Academy.

Opening up a mountain for him and making him an elder was ridiculous.

Even Jorah, a great elder, frowned. He glanced at James and thought for a moment. Then, he said, “I think it will work. After all, James could cultivate the Feimsurge Art and reach the fourth stage in such a short time. That is enough to prove his potential. One day, he will become the pillar of Dieux Academy.”

Xhemal touched his beard and said, “It’s settled then.”

Then, he looked at James and asked, “Do you have other requests? Tell me all at once.”

‘There’s nothing else.”

James shook his head.

He knew Dieux Academy well. Opening up a mountain for a newly recruited disciple was a first in its history. Dieux Academy had already made an exception for him.

Xhemal looked at James and said, ‘The academy will open up a mountain for Forty-nine today.”

Following Xhemal’s words, a spiritual mountain was added to the land of Dieux Academy.

‘This mountain is named Mount Caden. You will be the Lord of Mount Caden and one of the elders of Dieux Academy. I hope you do your best to serve Dieux Academy after you become the Lord of Mount Caden and work hard in developing Mount Caden to make it the main mountain peak of Dieux Academy.”

Resolutely, James said, “I won’t disappoint you.”

Many living beings gathered in the area.

The living beings envied James.

Dieux Academy made an exception for a newly recruited disciple and opened up a mountain for him. It was a huge honor.

If this news spread, James would be famous in the Central Plane and become a legendary character in the thousands of planes.

“Forty-nine, congrats.” Aurelius walked over. With a smile, he asked, “I wonder if I can enter Mount Caden and become a disciple.”

Aurelius took the initiative to ask if he could join Mount Caden.

James glanced at him.

Aurelius came from a ninth-level plane. His father was the lord of the ninth-level plane. It was wise to make friends with him. Besides, James held no grudges against Aurelius’ plane and his father.

“Of course,” said James with a smile.

“It’s settled then. I’m the first person to enter Mount Caden. As the Lord of Mount Caden, you should give me the position of an elder,” said Aurelius with a smile.

James was an elder of Dieux Academy, and Dieux Academy had many elders.

These elders occupied a spiritual mountain each. They were the lords of the spiritual mountains. There were several elders in each spiritual mountain.

However, they were only elders in the spiritual mountains they were in. They were not elders of Dieux Academy.


James smiled and agreed to Aurelius’ request.

A powerhouse of the Petit Celestial Rank was eligible to become an elder of Mount Caden.

Upon seeing this scene, Zavis glanced at Sevara in the distance. He hinted at James.

Instantly, James understood what Zavis meant.

James walked over to Sevara and asked with a smile, “Miss Lhayme, I wonder if you’re willing to join Mount Caden and become a member.”


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