The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5241

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5241-“Oh?” Sevara glanced at James. She had not expected him to invite her to join Mount Caden.

“What’s in it for me?” she asked, suppressing a smile.

Normally, she maintained an aloof demeanor, but her smile at this moment could charm the soul out of Zavis.

James smiled and replied, “When you join Mount Caden, I’ll personally mentor you in the Feimsurge Art.”

“Alright, I’m in,” Sevara agreed without hesitation. She had come to Dieux Academy to witness the Feimsurge Art.

While watching was easy, mastering the art was incredibly difficult. Having a talent who had already comprehended the Feimsurge Art to guide her was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

James looked at the surrounding living beings from prominent sects and powerful forces. Some were even his enemies. However, he did not dwell on it at the moment.

He spoke loudly, “Is anyone willing to join Mount Caden? After joining, you’ll have the opportunity to get my personal guidance. Joining other sects or seeking mentorship under other sect elders may give you a chance to witness the Feimsurge Art, but comprehending it is another matter.”

James’ words immediately stirred up a commotion. The Feimsurge Art was the top signature martial art skill among the Central Plane and the countless planes.

Their purpose for coming to Dieux Academy was to witness this art.

However, there was no guarantee that they would have the chance to witness it.

Even if they managed to witness it, there was no assurance that they would be able to learn it. Now, the chance to learn the Feimsurge Art was within their grasp, and they could not let it slip away.

“Forty-nine, I’m in,” Wubbe from the Elysium Hall was the first to speak up.

“Me too.” Seeing Wubbe joining Mount Caden, the remaining Petit Celestial Rank powerhouses had no hesitation in expressing their willingness to join as well.

In a brief moment, all those who had completed the nine tests in the assessment expressed their desire to join Mount Caden.

Witnessing this, the Great Elder, Jorah, muttered, “This brat… We went through all the trouble to conduct the recruitment of new disciples and found many promising talents. Now, they’ve all joined Mount Caden. Our efforts are in vain.”

On the other hand, Xhemal said nonchalantly, “In the end, they are all disciples of Dieux Academy. Whether they join any sect or spiritual mountain, it makes no difference.”

The other sect elders had no words. They had had their eyes on some promising talents, planning to take them under their sects, but now all the talents had joined Mount Caden, leaving them with nothing.

Zavis could not help but give a thumbs-up and said, “Mr.

Caden, that was impressive. In an instant, you’ve significantly strengthened Mount Caden. With so many Petit Celestial Rank and Sovereign Sixth Rank talents, we can’t be deemed weak in Dieux Academy.”

James smiled. He had come to Dieux Academy with the purpose of becoming the headmaster. Once his goal was achieved and his strength regained, it would be time to settle the scores from his past. However, he could not be too hasty, as he had just joined the academy.

“Let’s go,” James said to the large group of Mount Caden disciples.

Under the watchful eyes of many Dieux Academy powerhouses, they departed from the apex main hall and headed to Mount Caden


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