The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5242

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5242-Mount Caden had been successfully established. In the recent Dieux Academy new disciples’ recruitment, the distinguished disciples the sect elders had hoped for all ended up becoming Mount Caden disciples.

In the main hall of Mount Caden, James sat at the forefront. He looked at the Petit Celestial Rank and late stage of the Sovereign Sixth Rank powerhouses below, stroking his chin in contemplation.

He had become the master of a mountain within Dieux Academy and achieved what he had wished for. However, developing Mount Caden into a pillar of the academy would be a challenging task.

For now, his main task was to cultivate and advance his cultivation realm as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, Mount Caden needed a person in charge. He needed to find a suitable living being among his disciples to manage the mountain.

“I don’t have the time to deal with the affairs of Mount Caden. I need someone to manage it. Who among you is interested?” James asked the assembly of powerhouses in the main hall.

“I’m not interested,” Wubbe from the Elysium Hall was the first to respond. He had joined Mount Caden solely for the Feimsurge Art and had no interest in managing it.

Other Petit Celestial Rank powerhouses shared his sentiment. They all hailed from great families, sects, forces, and major planes, and the prospect of management did not appeal to them.

Several powerhouses took a step back.

“Since no one is willing, I’ll do it,” Aurelius responded nonchalantly.

“Good,” James said. “From now on, your word will be law when I’m not around.”

Then, James proceeded to appoint several sect elders. Gaius, Gurgen, Zavis, and Taran became sect elders of Mount Caden.

After settling these matters, James left the main hall with Gaius and the others, leaving the remaining responsibilities to Aurelius.

In the back mountain of Mount Caden stood a manor. Upon arrival, James established a formation that could resist the probing of the Petit Celestial Rank powerhouses. Even the Great Celestial Rank powerhouses would not be able to casually probe, as he could sense any intrusion of the Zen into the formation.

“What’s the plan now, Mr. Caden?” Gaius asked.

James replied, “Now, we’ve established our presence in Dieux Academy.

However, our cultivation realms are still relatively low. While we gained Mount Caden by demonstrating remarkable potential during the assessment, achieving a strong foothold in the academy and the Central Plane will require even greater power. Next, I’ll start by imparting my insights of the Feimsurge Art to all of you.”

The Feimsurge Art was profound and served as Dieux Academy’s signature martial art skill. Throughout history, aside from the founder, there had been only one living being who had reached the fourth stage. However, they could comprehend it under James’ guidance.

“Also,” James continued, “I’m going to visit the academy’s library. I’ll select some Supernatural Signature Skills for you to further perfect and advance the martial art skills you’ve already cultivated.”

Zavis had cultivated the Martial Path, so James would search for Supernatural Signature Skills related to the Martial Path at the library.

Taran practiced the Curse Magic, so James would look for the Supernatural Signature Skills related to the Curse Magic.

Gurgen was on the Tribulation Path, so James would search for the Supernatural Signature Skills related to the Tribulation Path.

Gaius focused on the Elemental Formation and the defense of the physical body, so James would seek similar Supernatural Signature Skills.

Dieux Academy was one of the top ten forces in the Central Plane and had produced many remarkable and talented powerhouses over the ages. Their signature martial art skills were kept in their library. The academy’s library was one of the most comprehensive collections of secret Supernatural Art.

“Understood.” They all nodded in agreement.


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