The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5243

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5243-After outlining the future cultivation plan, James departed from Mount Caden and headed to the main peak of Dieux Academy.

He arrived at the library. Dedicated disciples were guarding the library, and access was restricted to those with tokens. Moreover, even with access, one could only view the Supernatural Signature Skills but not take them away. To do so, one needed to make a contribution, but this permission would only last for a limited time. Once that time expired, the borrowed Supernatural Signature Skills had to be returned.

“Sect Elder,” a disciple guarding the library respectfully greeted James as he arrived.

The library was an important place within Dieux Academy, and the disciples stationed there possessed high cultivation realms. Even the weakest among them were at the Petit Celestial Rank. Besides, the role of guarding the library was highly sought after because it granted unrestricted access to view the Supernatural Signature Skills.

“Hmph,” a cold snort echoed. Following that, a man approached and glanced at James. He said, “A Sovereign Third Rank can also become a sect elder of the academy. Our headmaster must be blind.”

James knew many disciples of Dieux Academy were dissatisfied with his appointment as a sect elder. He chose not to engage with this disciple and simply stated, “I’m here to take a look and see if there are any suitable Supernatural Signature Skills.”

Having said that, he proceeded directly toward the library. Despite his low cultivation base, his status was incredibly high. As a sect elder of Dieux Academy, he could enter the library freely and even take martial art skills without restrictions. However, even sect elders who borrowed martial art skills were required to register their information.

The disciples guarding the library did not dare to stop him, and it was not until James had entered the library that their respectful expressions faded.

“What’s he so proud of?”

“Even if he’s become a sect elder, there’s no place for him in Dieux Academy.”

“I’ve heard that many of our academy’s powerful disciples are displeased.

They’re preparing to confront Mount Caden.”

“Despite him being the master of Mount Caden, the highest cultivation base there is only at the Petit Celestial Rank. The Great Celestial Rank powerhouses from other mountains are planning to take on Mount Caden, and the academy will not intervene.”

“Mount Caden is in trouble.”

“Indeed, although the academy granted Forty-nine an additional mountain, establishing a foothold in Dieux Academy will be extremely challenging for Mount Caden.”

These disciples gathered and chatted, waiting to see James ‘ downfall.

The senior authorities of Dieux Academy were aware of these tensions.

However, whether it was Xhemal, Jorah, or the other sect elders, they chose to turn a blind eye as long as things did not escalate significantly. They believed that the competition and rivalry among the disciples of their respective mountains could drive the growth of Dieux Academy.

James had already entered the library. Dieux Academy’s library consisted of nine levels, each containing a vast collection of martial art skills organized by category. Finding suitable martial art skills was no easy task.

He reached the martial art skills he needed on the first level and began to view them. He did not need to take them because memorizing them would suffice.

Once he remembered them, he could replicate them after leaving the library.


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