The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5245

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5245-Dieux Academy’s library had nine levels, each containing different Supernatural Signature Skills. The higher the level, the more advanced the Supernatural Signature Skills.

Once James found suitable ones, he quickly viewed them, casually flipping through the pages before placing them back on the bookshelf and picking up another to read. Soon, he reached the ninth level of the library.

On the ninth level, the Supernatural Signature Skills he flipped through were all highly advanced and well-known in the outside world. Despite his possession of the Genesis Path Scripture, memorizing these profound inscriptions was challenging, and he required some time to review each one.

“Brat, can you really understand these?” At that moment, a lazy voice echoed.

James looked over and saw a ragged, unkempt elder crawling out from a pile of books in a corner of the ninth level.

The elder stretched his body and asked, “I’ve been watching you for a while now. You casually pick up and drop these manuals. Are you looking for something specific?”

James was stunned when he saw the elder, his expression filled with disbelief and awe. The elder was none other than Lemuel Geraltos, the founder of Dieux Academy. He was a living legend.

Thaddeus Holiness was a legend as well, but no one had seen him before, while Lemuel had been seen by many living beings.

In James’ previous life, he had the privilege of meeting Lemuel once when he was still weak. However, it had been only that one time. As he rose to prominence and founded Supremusseum, he never encountered Lemuel again.

After a slight pause, James chose not to reveal the elder’s identity. He walked over, clasped his hands, and greeted with respect, “I’m Forty-nine. I pay my respects to you.”

Lemuel gave a dismissive wave and sat down. He looked at James with an inquisitive expression and asked, ‘This is the ninth level of the library, and only sect elder level disciples of Dieux Academy can enter. How did a Sovereign Third Rank powerhouse make it to the ninth level?”

James did not hide anything and replied honestly, “I stood out in the recent disciple assessment, and the headmaster made an exception to open a new mountain for me and establish me a sect elder.”

“Oh?” Lemuel suddenly became interested and asked,” Opening a new mountain for a Sovereign Third Rank?”

James continued to explain, ‘The headmaster placed the Feimsurge Art in the assessment Arena World. I discovered it and managed to comprehend it to the fourth stage.”

Upon hearing this, Lemuel could not help but stand up, staring at James. “You reached the fourth stage?”

The Feimsurge Art was created by him, and he knew just how challenging it was to cultivate and comprehend. Even the headmaster of the academy, Xhemal, had spent ages trying to grasp a fragment of it and barely reached the first stage.

The other sect elders who had viewed it did not understand it at all. Now, a Sovereign Third Rank powerhouse was telling him that he had cultivated to the fourth stage in an incredibly short time. He was thoroughly shocked.

‘That’s right,” James affirmed.

“Senior, may I ask who you are?” James pretended to be curious and asked while looking at Lemuel. “I’ve been on the ninth level for a while, but I haven’t seen you.”

Lemuel resumed his nonchalant demeanor. “I’ve long forgotten my name. I don’t even know when I returned to Dieux Academy or how long I’ve been in the library.”

Lemuel did not reveal his name.

“Well, I won’t disturb you. I’ll continue.” James did not disturb him further.

He now knew that the founder of Dieux Academy was in the library. His plan was to visit again, build a good relationship with Lemuel, and seek his guidance on the Feimsurge Art.

Since Lemuel had created the Feimsurge Art, it would be easier for James to progress to the fifth and even the sixth stage under his guidance.

Lemuel watched from the side as he saw James return to seriously viewing some Supernatural Signature Skills.


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