The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5246

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5246-Mount Wagga was a powerful mountain within the Dieux Academy. The chief disciple of Mount Wagga was named Corbin Dane, with his cultivation base at the early stage of the Great Celestial Rank.

In the countless planes, reaching the Great Celestial Rank was considered a top-tier powerhouse. He could casually go to some fifth or sixth-level plane and dominate that plane, becoming the Plane Lord.

James wielded the Supremusse Sword in his hand. At this moment, an incredibly potent aura emanated from him.

In that instant, he activated the Dieux Academy’s supreme signature martial art skill, the Feimsurge Art. His physical body, soul, bloodline, and power were elevated. His aura swiftly ascended from the early stage of Sovereign Third Rank to the early stage of Petit Celestial Rank.

“Heh,” Corbin could not help but burst into laughter upon seeing James’ aura elevated. “Forty-nine, what does it matter even if you’ve mastered our academy’s Feimsurge Art? Your cultivation realm is too low. Even with that mastery and the Supremusse Sword in your hand, you’re still no match for me.”

Corbin was confident in his strength. James’ use of the Feimsurge Art only brought him to the early stage of Petit Celestial Rank. Even with the unparalleled Supremusse Sword, he was still absolutely not a match for Corbin.

James’ expression remained cold. The Supremusse Sword was created and forged by him. Even its previous owner, Quirijn, could not unleash its true power.

While Ladon had only harnessed fifty percent of its power. In James’ hands, he could truly wield the sword’s power.

Holding the Supremusse Sword, James could defeat an early -stage powerhouse of the Great Celestial Rank with a single move. This was given, and if he could not even defeat a powerhouse at this rank, it would cast doubt on the title of the world’s number-one divine sword.

James pointed the Supremusse Sword straight ahead, his demeanor ice-cold.

He spoke each word deliberately, “I’ve no quarrel with you, and I don’t wish to kill you outright.

Today, I shall cut down your body as a warning.”

“Haha,” Corbin could not help but laugh out loud.

He cultivated the Elemental Formation. His physical body was incredibly powerful, and even living beings of the same realm going all out might not necessarily break through his physical defenses. Now, a human who had just reached the Sovereign Third Rank was claiming to cut down his body.

Outside the battle arena, many living beings burst into laughter.

“Mr. Caden is quite arrogant.”

“Forty-nine is indeed audacious, even thinking about cutting down Corbin’s body.”

“Why should he? Just because he has the Supremusse Sword in his hand?”

“I admit that the Supremusse Sword is a treasure, but it also depends on who wields it. In the hands of the Supremusseum Lord, Quirijn, it was truly a supreme god weapon. However, in Forty-nine’s hands, it might not be the same.”

Outside the battle arena, there were many disciples from the Dieux Academy.

They came from various mountains of the academy, and they were all here to spectate.

At the base of the mountain and beyond, the surroundings were filled with spectators. At this moment, the spiritual mountain had been taken over by the academy’s disciples. A dense crowd of several hundred million disciples watched the scene of the battle arena on the peak of Mount Caden.

Hearing James’ words, they all chuckled.

James remained unfazed in the face of all the mockery. If he did not establish his authority today, Mount Caden would face many problems in the future. The disciples of Mount Caden would find it difficult to establish themselves in the Dieux Academy, and they would constantly face bullying.

The disciples of Mount Caden came from great sects, great families, and major planes. They were all formidable.

However, the Dieux Academy housed numerous powerhouses and disciples. It was easy for them to bully Mount Caden disciples.

“Do you dare to take my sword?” James stared at Corbin, speaking each word deliberately. “Don’t evade it, but you can use any defensive Supernatural Signature Skills. If you can safely withstand my strike, I won’t be qualified to be the master of Mount Caden. If you can’t withstand my strike, show some respect when you encounter Mount Caden disciples from now on.”

“Okay, I’ll take your sword strike,” Corbin replied confidently.


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