The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5247

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5247-This battle had already attracted the attention of the senior authorities in the Dieux Academy because it involved Mount Caden. Its existence was unique, so it became a subject of special focus.

“It’s a bit challenging.” The headmaster, Xhemal, observed the situation on Mount Caden, stroking his beard, and said,” Even though he has reached the Feimsurge Art’s fourth stage and wields the Supremusse Sword, his cultivation realm is still too low.”

“Yes,” the great elder, Jorah, said, “Corbin is the chief disciple of Mount Wagga, cultivated in the Elemental Formation. His physical body is extremely powerful, while James’ strength is quite low. Furthermore, he has just obtained the Supremusse Sword. Whether he can unleash its Genesis remains unknown. I also believe that a single sword won’t be enough to breach Corbin’s physical defense.”

Even though James had reached the Feimsurge Art’s fourth stage and possessed the Supremusse Sword, the Dieux Academy’s great elders had their doubts about his ability to overcome Corbin’s defense. These powerhouses believed James’ gamble was somewhat reckless.

Xhemal had faced considerable pressure when he decided to grant James a new mountain. Losing the position of master of Mount Caden due to this situation would be an embarrassment.

Every spiritual mountain in Dieux Academy had a battle arena, with each having a Formation Boundary set by the academy’s powerhouses for the disciples to spar in battles. Anyone with a cultivation realm not reaching the Martial Celestial Rank could not break the Formation Boundary.

At the battle arena in Mount Caden, James gripped the Supremusse Sword, and his aura was very strong. The sword’s blade seemed to flow with enchanting white clouds, giving it a beautiful appearance.

Corbin stood opposite James with his hands put behind his back.

James called out, “Please use your defensive signature skills.”

While Corbin was confident, he was aware of the power of the Supremusse Sword. He did not want to leave anything to chance. With a thought, his internal energy transformed and created a mysterious Defensive Barrier around him.

The barrier was golden in color, with mystic inscriptions rotating inside it.

“Forty-nine, please make your move.” Having done all this, Corbin made a gesture of invitation.

“Please address me as Mr. Caden next time,” James’ voice echoed. As the voice echoed, he gradually lifted both feet from the ground, soaring into the air.

He stood in the void and clutched the Supremusse Sword.

Inside the Supremusse Sword contained the power of the Genesis Path Scripture, the Genesis Power of all planes from James’ era, including that of the originally ninth-level plane and the Central Plane. Sensing the familiar power within the Supremusse Sword, a faint smile played on James ‘ lips.

“Universal Sword Art.” James’throat moved slightly, and a faint voice emanated.

His voice was soft but brimming with confidence. He raised the Supremusse Sword high into the air.

At that moment, the sword erupted with a blinding light as thousands of rays shot into the sky.

Each beam of light represented the Genesis Power of each plane and manifested as the Genesis Power of the countless planes. They gradually merged and condensed into a Sword Energy. This was the Universal Sword Art that James had cultivated in Endlos.

However, the Universal Sword Art differed from the Greater Paths. In Endlos, the Greater Paths formed a sword previously, whereas now it was the Genesis Power of the countless planes forming a sword.

A sword energy hung horizontally in mid-air. It was dazzling, radiant, and radiated a terrifying power that sent shivers down one’s spine.


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