The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5248

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5248-‘This brat.” In the main peak of the Dieux Academy, Xhemal was shocked when he saw the Genesis Powers of countless planes gathered and formed into a Sword Energy.

Jorah was also slightly stunned and said, “It’s unbelievable that the Genesis Powers of countless planes fused into a Sword Energy. Forty-nine can actually harness the power contained within the Supremusse Sword. At least eighty percent of its power.”

At the battle arena of Mount Caden, as the Genesis Powers from countless planes gathered, they formed a brilliant Sword Energy. This Sword Energy contained the merged Genesis Powers of countless planes, creating an entirely new form of Genesis Power.

As Corbin sensed the power contained within this Sword Energy, a solemn expression crossed his face. At that moment, he felt a bit apprehensive. He had underestimated the situation, realizing that he might not be able to withstand this strike. When this sword descended, it would likely annihilate his physical body, possibly even harming his soul.

In that split second, he once again unleashed multiple martial arts skills and deployed several protective barriers.

“Go.” James held the Supremusse Sword. The sword tilted, and the Sword Energy hanging in the sky descended.

As it came down, Corbin’s body moved as he harnessed all of his power. He moved upwards against the force, his entire body’s power surging with his movement.

Corbin’s powers gathered and formed an energy light beam. The light beam shot up to meet the brilliant Sword Energy.

Two immensely powerful forces collided. Under the assault of the terrifying Sword Energy, the light beam that was formed by all Corbin’s energies was shattered. In the blink of an eye, the light beam was destroyed. The Sword Energy struck his protective barriers.


Corbin’s surroundings instantly shattered as the void ruptured, and his physical body was obliterated.

The moment Corbin’s physical body was annihilated, James withdrew the Sword Energy. Otherwise, this strike could have erased Corbin’s soul, leaving him with no chance of survival.

Numerous Dieux Academy disciples had gathered outside the battle arena.

Although there were many of them, the scene was deathly quiet. All of them were looking at the battle arena.

Inside the battle arena, James descended slowly from the sky and landed steadily on the ground. He sheathed the Supremusse Sword, dissipated the Feimsurge Art, and his aura instantly diminished. Once again, he appeared as an early stage of the Sovereign Third Rank human.

As for Corbin, his physical body had been completely beheaded and disappeared entirely. Only his soul hastily fled from the battle arena. Even though his soul had escaped, it had suffered severe damage the moment his physical body was annihilated. At this moment, his soul appeared ethereal, as if it could dissipate at any moment.

The disciples of Mount Caden were all dumbfounded.

‘This is too terrifying.”

“Even with the Supremusse Sword, it should have been quite difficult to defeat Corbin. Now, he managed to easily behead Corbin’s physical body with a single strike?”

“So powerful and dominant.”

The once-silent scene instantly turned into a bustling one.


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