The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5249

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5249-The disciples of Mount Caden were all filled with excitement.

“It’s impossible,” said a voice of doubt among the disciples of Mount Caden.

The one who voiced the doubt was Ladon. Despite hailing from the Supremusseum, having fought with James in the Arena World, and losing the Supremusse Sword, he chose to join Mount Caden due to the irresistible allure of the Feimsurge Art.

Now, he voiced his doubt.

“This is impossible. I’ve had the Supremusse Sword for a while now, but I can only unleash fifty percent of its power. How can he bring out the sword’s full potential?” Ladon was highly skeptical.

James glanced at Ladon outside the battle arena and calmly said, “Just because you can’t unlock the full potential of the Supremusse Sword doesn’t mean others can’t.”

Immediately, he surveyed the surroundings and looked at the disciples from other spiritual mountains of the Dieux Academy, saying coldly, “Go away. Mount Caden doesn’t welcome you.”

As James shouted out, these disciples from other spiritual mountains dared not even make a sound and slinked away. After all, even the chief disciple of Mount Wagga had his physical body cut down by a single sword, and Corbin was in the early stage of the Great Celestial Rank. In comparison to Corbin, they were significantly less powerful. If James were to lose his temper and slay them all in one go, it would not be worth it.

With James’ shout, the Dieux Academy disciples who had come to watch the commotion all ran away.

Soon, only Mount Caden’s disciples remained in the area. James surveyed the surroundings. Many of Mount Caden’s disciples were gathered here, and all the Petit Celestial Rank disciples had been injured.

James raised his hand and activated the Life Path, channeling Life Power from his palms, and these injured disciples began to recover from their external injuries.

Internal and Path injuries required more time to heal.

Aurelius stood up first, giving a thumbs-up. He said,” Impressive. I didn’t expect the Supremusse Sword to possess such power in your hands.”

“Master, do you think I should be taught the Feimsurge Art for defending Mount Caden?” A Petit Celestial Rank disciple seized the opportunity to ask James about learning the Feimsurge Art.

However, the Feimsurge Art was a signature martial art skill of the Dieux Academy, and James could not simply bestow it upon them. After a brief moment of thought, he established some rules.

“It’s very simple if you want to learn the Feimsurge Art. Go out and collect Empyrean herbs. For each Empyrean herb you bring in, you’ll receive a Feimsurge Art inscription. The lowest quality herbs must be at least first-grade Sovereign herbs. The higher the quality, the more inscriptions you’ll get. Once you’ve gathered the complete set of the Feimsurge Art inscriptions and want my guidance, you’ll need to provide even more Empyrean herbs.”

Although James had acquired an entrapoch of eighth-level plane cultivation resources, there were countless living beings, forces and sects in the eighthlevel plane. The Dieux Academy’s rule was that every sect, family, or force within the plane had to regularly submit Empyrean herbs, which were the cultivation resources James had obtained.

The resources were indeed generous. However, James now had four more people with him, and their cultivation realms had to advance together.

All of Mount Caden’s disciples hailed from major planes, great families, and great forces. The one thing they did not lack was Empyrean herbs.

After saying this, James took Gaius and the others away from the battle arena.

Meanwhile, the Petit Celestial Rank disciples were left to heal their injuries.

They decided to return to their families and sects after recovering, gathering the Empyrean herbs, and then returning to exchange them for the Feimsurge Art.

This choice was made due to the relative ease of obtaining the Feimsurge Art from James compared to acquiring it from the Dieux Academy.

At this moment, in the apex main hall of the Dieux Academy.

“Sir Xhemal, this brat is causing chaos. Isn’t this going too far?”

The events in Mount Caden had drawn the attention of Dieux Academy’s powerhouses. Some of the sect elders could not help but frown upon learning about what happened. However, Xhemal smiled and said, “It’s okay. Let him do as he pleases. I have a feeling that it won’t be long before a true powerhouse emerges within the Dieux Academy.”


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