The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5250

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5250-James displayed immense potential, first in the Arena World, then by wielding and demonstrating the full power of the Supremusse Sword. Xhemal was very satisfied with him.

At the apex of the back mountain of Mount Caden, James and the others gathered together.

“Mr. Caden, you’re incredibly strong. I never thought that you could easily cut down the body of a Great Celestial Rank powerhouse when you wielded the Supremusse Sword. If you hadn’t held back, Corbin would have perished both body and soul in Mount Caden,” Zavis spoke with a face full of astonishment.

He had not fully regained his composure.

James just smiled faintly. He had only used the power of the Supremusse Sword and had not used the Genesis Path Scripture. The combination of the two was the most powerful.

With a casual wave of his hand, some inscriptions materialized. The inscriptions were what he had seen in the Dieux Academy’s library. Each inscription represented a profound Supernatural Signature Skill.

He distributed these inscriptions to his four companions according to the respective Supernatural Signature Skills they were cultivating. Then, he said, “Our cultivation realms are still too low. These are the Supernatural Signature Skills suited to each of you. Take some time to contemplate and improve your martial arts skills.”

The group accepted the inscriptions happily. Then, they set up a time formation to enter seclusion. On the other hand, James left this courtyard. He walked out of Mount Caden, appearing outside the Dieux Academy’s entrance. With a thought, he activated a mysterious inscription.

Soon, a man and a woman appeared. They were the two Great Celestial Rank powerhouses he had taken on after leaving Endlos. The man was named Shade Eaves, and the woman was Yolanda Jacklin.

As soon as they appeared, they respectfully greeted him, saying, “My Lord.”

Although James had changed his appearance and aura, they could still recognize him as the founder of the Supremusseum. Moreover, they had always followed James, having been in hiding. They knew about James’ performance in the Arena World of the Dieux Academy.

James nodded and said, “Hmm, come with me. From now on, the two of you will be responsible for guarding Mount Caden in Dieux Academy.”

At present, Mount Caden was lacking powerhouses, so James needed two Great Celestial Rank powerhouses to oversee it. With these two guarding it, other disciples would have to think twice before causing trouble for Mount Caden.

“Alright,” the two of them replied respectfully.

Afterward, James brought them back to Mount Caden. The two of them stationed themselves at the foot of Mount Caden.

Once he had completed this task, James headed to the library at the apex of the Dieux Academy. He went directly to the ninth floor. However, upon reaching the ninth floor, he searched around and could not find the Dieux Academy’s founder, Lemuel.

Just as he was preparing to leave, a lazy voice chimed in,” Are you looking for me?”

James turned to look. Behind him, an elder had appeared, dressed in tattered clothes, with a beard covering his face. He smiled as he looked at James.

James clasped his hands and said, “I pay my respects to you. Sir Lemuel.” ’ Lemuel waved his hand slightly and said, ‘What’s the matter? Speak your mind.”

James went straight to the point and said, “I’ve already reached the fourth stage of the Feimsurge Art, but I’m at a loss regarding the fifth and sixth stages. I hope you can provide some guidance.”


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