The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5251

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5251-“Oh?”

Lemuel raised his brows and asked, “How are you so certain that I can wield the Feimsurge Art? The Feimsurge Art is a very precious yet perplexing knowledge belonging to the Dieux Academy. As far as I am aware, only one member of the academy has managed to reach the fourth stage of Feimsurge Art. Besides the academy’s founder, not a single person has managed to master the fifth and sixth stages.”

James replied, ‘That’s because I know that you’re the founder of Dieux Academy, Lemuel Geraltos.”


Lemuel’s eyes narrowed as he scrutinized James’ face.

He had stayed out of the public’s sight and concealed his presence for a long long time. Not even those from the Central Plane had a clue to his whereabouts.

Only a handful of people had found him so far. However, most of them would soon meet their end either by accident or fate.

Lemuel did not expect that the young man would recognize him.

‘You’re saying that I am Lemuel Geraltos, the founder of Dieux Academy?”

‘That’s right,” James answered firmly.

“What made you feel so sure about that?” Lemuel curled his lips. “Lemuel Geraltos disappeared many many years ago. Judging by your age, you probably weren’t even born yet when the man had gone missing.”

James did not explain how he had confirmed Lemuel’s identity. Instead, he brought up the purpose of his visit again. “It doesn’t matter how I know who you are. Sir Lemuel, I would like to ask for your advice regarding the Feimsurge Art.”

Lemuel stroked his beard and smiled faintly.

‘You’re an interesting young man. Even if I were the founder of Dieux Academy, why should I share my advice about the Feimsurge Art with you?”

James answered matter-of-factly, ‘To be honest, I can study and master the Feimsurge Art on my own. It’ll just take a bit more time. I’ve only come to meet you because I am interested in having a discussion with you about cultivation and training.” “Is that so?” Lemuel was intrigued by James’ words since no one had ever claimed that they could master the Feimsurge Art on their own.

‘Who are you? Are you the reincarnation of a past cultivator?” Lemuel fixed James with a piercing gaze.

Multiple names of deceased cultivators from across the different planes came to his mind. However, Lemuel could not say for sure which of them had reincarnated as the young man before him.

Nevertheless, Lemuel was certain that James must be the reincarnation of an impressive, superior cultivator. The common cultivator would not be able to learn the Feimsurge Art by themselves, nor would they know who Lemuel was.

Moreover, Lemuel could tell that James had recovered memories of his past life.

Since there were far too many famous, talented cultivators who had perished up to that point, Lemuel was having slight difficulty as he considered all the possibilities.

“It doesn’t matter who I may have been in my past life,” James said flatly.

“Lord Supremus…” Lemuel brought up the name at that moment.

“Oh?” James looked at Lemuel calmly. “Why do you think that I’m Lord Supremus?”

Lemuel replied, “It’s because of the Supremusse Sword that is now in your possession. When you attacked the Great Celestial Rank cultivator earlier, you managed to unleash close to the full potential of the Supremusse Sword and dealt a critical blow to your opponent. Even Quirijn Yushar is still unable to do that at his current level of power.”

Lemuel had been paying close attention to James ever since the latter came to the library last time. After he recalled how James had wielded the Supremusse Sword, Lemuel finally realized the connection between James and Lord Supremus.

“It was you.” Lemuel’s grin broadened. “I can still recall how you hadn’t even entered the Sovereign Rank when I first met you in your last life. Who knew you would go on to attain various achievements and even establish Supremusseum, which has now become a super force?”


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