The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5254

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5254-Upon entering the realm created by Lemuel, James noticed that all of his powers and cultivation base were gone. He could not activate or wield any of his signature skills.

Soon afterward, James arrived at a small village. The villagers were all common people with no special powers or cultivation base.

James furrowed his brows as he observed his surroundings and considered the changes to his body. He muttered in a low voice, “What kind of tests will I be facing in this realm?”

James had no clue what Lemuel was trying to test him on by presenting this realm.

Lemuel only said that James had to make it out of the realm for it to be counted as a success. However, James had no powers or abilities at the moment. He also had no idea how big the realm was or how long it would take for him to reach the edge of the realm.

James was at a loss about what he should do at that point.

As James wandered around the village, he noticed that a little over a hundred families were living in the area.

Some people were lying listlessly along the streets, appearing extremely weak and sickly. Some of them were even mo*ning in pain.

Even though he had lost his powers, James could tell from his experience that the village was most likely struck with a plague.

A short while later, James happened to pass by a clinic. He could see many patients had gathered outside the clinic. Those people seemed fatigued as they sat or lay on the ground to rest temporarily.

James knitted his brows as he tried to figure out why he was witnessing these situations in the realm.

Just then, a few men came out of the clinic whilst hoisting what seemed like the corpse of a patient. The group then headed toward the periphery of the village.

Then, they placed the body on a heap of straws and set it on fire.

“Sigh… The heavens have forsaken us.”

“Is this the end of our village?”

The villagers appeared woeful as they watched the body get engulfed in flames.

James separated from the crowd and went back to the clinic. He had a pensive look in his eyes as he stared at the clinic’s entrance.

‘Does Lemuel want me to save these villagers?’ James pondered.

As he grew certain of that, James started examining the conditions of several villagers. Since James was once a skilled doctor, he possessed sufficient knowledge about various diseases and illnesses.

After looking at the patients, James had a rough idea about what disease the villagers were suffering from. Then, James collected herbs from a nearby mountain and began treating the villagers by making the right cure.

Eventually, more and more villagers were healed after having received James’ treatment. At long last, the villagers’ life went back to normal as the plague was completely curbed.

Meanwhile, James had settled down in that village. He was not sent out of the realm even after he had cured all the villagers.

In the blink of an eye, James had stayed in the village for many years. As the older generation passed and the villagers welcomed several newborns, James still appeared to look the same even though a long time had passed.

One evening, James was resting in his house.

A villager who was passing by James’ house got a huge shock when they saw the shadow of a huge monster cast over the window.

The man scrambled off frantically and told the others what he saw.

Soon enough, the villagers gathered outside James’ house and saw the monster’s shadow too.

While James was in the middle of a meditation, those villagers broke the door and rushed into his house.

James had a confused expression on his face. He got to his feet and asked, “Chief, what’s the matter?”

The village chief was an elderly man. He was a young man in his twenties when James had first appeared at the village.

“James, are… Are you a monster?!” the village chief shouted furiously. ‘You were the one who had spread the plague fifty years ago so that you could pretend to be the savior of this village! Am I right?


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