The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5255

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5255-A small frown drew James’ brows together.

“Why would you say that?”

The village chief pointed at the floor.

James lowered his gaze and spotted a strange sight. His shadow cast on the floor was not in the shape of a normal human being. Instead, he could see the form of a huge monster with long claws.

‘Tie him up!” the village chief bellowed.

Several large, tall men seized James and pressed him to the floor.

James tried to struggle in their hold. Unfortunately, he was instantly overpowered by those men as he did not possess any cultivation base or special powers even to that day.

The villagers tied James up and dragged him out of the village. Then, they secured him to a pole and piled up firewood near James’ feet.

“Burn the monster!”

‘The monster must have infiltrated our village to carry out its evil deeds.”

“Burn the monster! Burn the monster!”

The villagers’ loud chants resounded through the grounds.

“Chief, please listen to me!” James called out loudly to the village chief.

However, his voice was drowned out by the noises coming from the villagers.

Truthfully, none of them were interested in listening to James’ explanation.

At that very moment, someone hurled a lit torch toward the pile of firewood and set it on flames.

In a matter of minutes, James could feel himself being engulfed in huge flames.

James knew that any harm inflicted on his body while he was inside the realm would not cost him his life. Still, he was going through an immense amount of pain.

Without the protection of his powers, James had to endure the pain of being burnt alive. It felt as though his soul was slowly being shredded to bits.

Gradually, James’ vision grew blurry. He slipped into unconsciousness eventually.

After what seemed like a long time, James regained consciousness. As he opened his eyes, James could see a familiar view around him.

An old man was standing a few steps away from him.

James quickly got up.

“Sir Lemuel?”

Lemuel smiled softly as he gazed at James.” Congratulations. You’ve passed the realm’s test.”

James had a puzzled look on his face. He still could not grasp what Lemuel was trying to tell him through the realm.

He asked curiously, “Sir Lemuel, what exactly is the test that you’ve put me through in the realm?”

Lemuel laughed heartily. “When the villagers had set you on flames, you were not consumed with anger and hatred for what they did. On the contrary, if you had any thoughts of exacting revenge on the villagers, I would have ended you right then.”

“I see.” James finally understood what Lemuel’s realm was all about.

“I can give you guidance on how to achieve the fifth and sixth stages of the Feimsurge Art. However, the main problem you are facing now is in your cultivation rank. The minimum prerequisite for one to reach the Feimsurge Art’s fifth stage is for them to enter the Petit Celestial Rank first. So, you should work on that for now.”

‘Thank you so much, Sir Lemuel.” James bowed slightly.

Lemuel smiled slightly and teleported away from the spot. His voice echoed through the air the next instant.

“Frankly, I am looking forward to seeing you bring about a change to the power and hierarchy established across the various planes, including the Central Plane. We’ll see if you are capable of making that happen soon.”

James sat down on a nearby rock as he listened to Lemuel’s words, which eventually died down.

He had entered the early stage of Sovereign Third Rank.

With the resources he had, James was confident he could advance into the Petit Celestial Rank soon.


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