The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5256

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5256-“Ulus… Where on earth do I find the Ulus?” James mumbled under his breath.

He was attacked and killed because of the Ulus in his previous life. However, James had no clue as to its whereabouts.

The Ulus was a precious, legendary item of immense value. Its stories and myths were passed down through word of mouth a long time ago. Sadly, there were no actual records that proved the Ulus’ existence.

James had reached up to the fourth stage of the Feimsurge Art and retrieved the Supremusse Sword. However, all of that was still far from enough to keep him safe from the threats of his enemies.

If he wanted to exact revenge on those enemies from his past life, James would have to survive and last until he had reached the cultivation rank he was in before he died in his last life. According to his estimation, James would require at least an entrapoch to achieve that.

Therefore, it was important for James to secure a method to help with his survival, and the Ulus might be the key to solving this problem. James had decided to obtain the Ulus by using any means necessary.

Although the Ulus had only ever appeared in myths and rumors so far, James believed that it must exist in real life for people to start circulating stories about it.

“Why did those cultivators suddenly attack me back then? Could it be that I do have the clue to the Ulus’ whereabouts? It was just that I wasn’t aware I had it?” James thought about it for a while, and the only place that could hold the clue to the Ulus’ location was the Supremusse Zone.

The Supremusse Zone was a sanctuary located within the grounds of Supremusseum. James had stored all the items he collected in his past life inside the Supremusse Zone. Among his collection, there were thousands of books that James had not even once flipped through.

During his previous life, James was only interested in studying the Genesis Power of various planes. He would only read books related to that topic.

James had placed a seal over the entire Supremusse Zone back then. The seal contained the highest form of Genesis Power, and James was the only person who knew how to undo it. Even the current owner of Supremusseum, Quirijn, would not be able to access the Supremusse Zone because of James’ seal.

Furthermore, countless treasures were stored inside the Supremusse Zone.

James did not have much use forthem in the past, but those items could come in handy for him now.

James was even considering whether he should travel to the Supremusseum and sneak into the Supremusse Zone to bring those treasures out discreetly.

However, he quickly decided not to do it. At his current cultivation rank, James would get caught the instant he arrived at the Supremusseum.

After putting those matters aside, James crossed his legs and began meditating.

At the same time, Xhemal and several other members of Dieux Academy had gathered inside their main hall. They were all looking at a man who was wearing a white robe with intricate cloud patterns embroidered on it.

“Sir Xhemal, the Supremusse Lotus is about to come into full blossom soon.

Therefore, the Lord of Supremusseum is inviting countless superior cultivators to a gathering at the Supremusseum to witness the magnificence of the Supremusse Lotus in its full bloom.”

The messenger from Supremusseum handed an invitation card to Xhemal.

Xhemal replied in a deep voice, “Alright. The Dieux Academy will send our representative to attend the event.”

After the messenger had walked out of the main hall, Xhemal turned his gaze toward the elders standing beside him. He asked, “Is there anyone interested in attending the Supremusseum’s event?” Upon hearing the question, Jorah took a step back. Then, the other elders hurriedly took a few steps back too.


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