The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5257

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5257-Xhemal pinched the bridge of his nose. “None of you are willing to go?”

Jorah replied, “The Supremusseum would frequently host these meaningless gatherings. The Supremusse Lotus is indeed a precious object, and the Supremusseum has always invited other cultivators to watch its blooming.

However, what is the point of us being there if the members of the Supremusseum won’t share parts of the lotus with outsiders? I’m not wasting my time making a trip there for nothing.”

“Why don’t we ask our new elder, Forty-nine, to attend the event?” one of the elders suggested.

Xhemal shook his head. ‘That’s not very appropriate. The Supremusseum probably won’t welcome Forty-nine. He just took Quirijn Yushar’s Supremusse Sword, so Quirijn couldn’t possibly have any friendly feelings for Forty-nine.

Forty-nine might be in danger if he attended the event…”

Jorah grinned. “What can they possibly do to him? Elder Forty-nine will be attending the event as a representative of the Dieux Academy. The Supremusseum couldn’t possibly try to harm him in front of the other attendees.”

After a brief moment’s consideration, Xhemal instructed one of his disciples, ‘You over there, inform Elder Forty-nine to come to the main hall for a moment.”

Meanwhile, James was conducting his meditation when Xhemal’s disciple arrived at Mount Caden.

“Elder Forty-nine, Sir Xhemal wants to see you at the main hall.”

“Sure.” James nodded and got to his feet. Then, he followed Xhemal’s disciple to the Dieux Academy’s main hall.

Upon entering the hall, James could see the other elders were waiting inside for him as well. He smiled and briefly greeted the others as he walked over to Xhemal. Then, he bowed slightly to the headmaster. “Greetings, Sir Xhemal.”

Xhemal responded, “Forty-nine, we received an invitation from the Supremusseum to view the blooming of the Supremusse Lotus. Are you willing to attend the event as the Dieux Academy’s representative?”

James paused momentarily.

Earlier, he was feeling slightly troubled since James could not think of any way to visit the Supremusseum with a valid excuse. To his surprise, Xhemal was providing him with the opportunity just when he needed it.

A few seconds later, James smiled brightly. ‘The Supremusseum is one of the ten great forces. I would be honored to attend the event as our academy’s representative.”


Xhemal conjured the invitation and passed it to James.

Then, he said, “Quirijn might feel a little dissatisfied with what happened recently. However, I’m sure the Supremusseum wouldn’t be too rude to one of their guests.”

James smiled wryly and asked, “Who should I bring with me to the event, Sir Xhemal?”

Xhemal replied, ‘That’s up to you.”

“Understood.” James gave another bow. “In that case, I’ll take my leave now.”

After leaving the main hall, James dropped by the library to see Lemuel.

Unfortunately, he could not find the elderly cultivator anywhere in the library.

James had a gloomy expression as he returned to his spiritual mountain.

As James entered his room, Lemuel suddenly materialized before him.

Lemuel asked nonchalantly, “Were you looking for me?”

James’ face brightened up as he greeted Lemuel respectfully, “Sir Lemuel, I am going to visit the Supremusseum.”

“Oh?” Lemuel raised his brows. “Why are you visiting that place?”

“I think I may have accidentally obtained clues regarding the Ulus’ whereabouts during my past life. So, I’m planning to sneak into the sanctuary located inside the Supremusseum and take all the treasures stored there with me. Then, I can check all the books I’ve collected back then to see if my suspicions were right.”

James continued, “That is why I want to ask you to come with me since I’m afraid that this excursion to the Supremusseum may be dangerous.”

“You’re clearly trying to make me your bodyguard for this trip!” Lemuel grumbled angrily.


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