The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5258

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5258-James said in a calm voice, “Of course not, Sir Lemuel! How could I ever ask that of you? The main reason I am inviting you to go to the Supremusseum is for us to enjoy the picturesque view there.”

Despite James’ explanation, Lemuel knew very well what the young man was planning.

“Sigh…” Lemuel shut his eyes for a while and opened them again. “I have free time anyway. Fine. I’ll go with you.”

Then, Lemuel used his powers to change his appearance and attire. In the blink of an eye, Lemuel had become a middle-aged man who was wearing an exquisite, fitting robe.

“You look much better in that appearance.” James chuckled softly.

Lemuel crossed his arms. “I’m going to set things straight right now. I’m merely accompanying you to the Supremusseum. I won’t help you, no matter what it is that you are planning.”

“Of course ” James beamed broadly. “It’s not like I’m trying to do anything bad. I am simply paying a visit to my old home and retrieving some stuff that I’ve stored there for ages. I won’t be doing anything dangerous, so I won’t need to ask for your help.”

“When are we leaving?” Lemuel asked.

“I’ll update you on that when I’ve decided on the time,” James replied.

After hearing James’ words, Lemuel teleported and vanished from the spot.

Meanwhile, James’ grin broadened. He could not help but feel more reassured since Lemuel had agreed to follow him to the Supremusseum.

Frankly speaking, James was certain that he could retrieve his treasures from the Supremusse Zone without any difficulty as long as he was allowed entry into the Supremusseum. Coincidentally, he was granted permission to visit the place now. Still, he invited Lemuel to come along as a precautionary measure.

Also, James was struck with another idea, and it was related to the Supremusse Lotus.

The Supremusse Lotus, which was one of the Supremusseum’s prized possessions, was regarded as a type of Genesis Holy Herb.

When James had left the Endlos, he had managed to acquire Genesis Holy Herbs of the first and second ranks. Those herbs were produced when the firstlevel or second- level planes failed to evolve into high-level planes.

On the other hand, the Supremusse Lotus was at the very least an eighth-rank Genesis Holy Herb. Some could even reach the ninth rank depending on its quality.

If James managed to gain possession of the Supremusse Lotus, he could use it to boost his powers significantly within a short amount of time.

However, he had yet to come up with a feasible plan to obtain the Supremusse Lotus. Therefore, James persuaded Lemuel to join him on the trip to the Supremusseum. If there was no other way, James would get Lemuel to take the lotus away by force.

No one at the Supremusseum would have the power or skills to stop Lemuel. In fact, not a single cultivator from the various plans would be able to do that.

All of the planes including the Central Plane were constantly surrounded by darkness. All of these planes had come into existence within the darkness.

Everyone referred to the darkness around them as the Dark World.

No one knew what could be found in the deepest parts of the Dark World or what it would look like at the other end of the darkness. Even superior Martial Celestial Rank cultivators had very limited knowledge of the Dark World.

Most of them were under the impression that there was no end to this darkness and no living beings resided in those areas. The Dark World only contained unknown powers that were frightening to living beings.

James had kept the Endlos Plane securely hidden. Even cultivators at the peak of Martial Celestial Rank would not be able to detect or find the Endlos Plane’s location.

Wyot Dalibor’s current residence, Mount Hetsema, was located in the area existing between the Endlos Plane and the Dark World.

Wyot had been living there with Yemima’s reincarnation. The couple had fallen in love and given birth to a child of their own.


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