The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5259

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5259-One day, Wyot sensed an unusual source of energy coming from outside of Mount Hetsema. He leaped to his feet and turned his eyes in the direction of the Dark World.

With his powers, Wyot could see thousands of beings traveling from the Dark World toward his direction.

The troop was led by an elderly man in a black robe. On his robe, the pattern of a mountain could be seen embroidered on it.

Those beings were about to pass by Mount Hetsema soon.

“Who are you?”

Wyot teleported and reappeared several meters away from that huge troop as he tried to block their path.

“Get lost!” the elderly man bellowed in a deep voice.

Wyot was momentarily stunned as he was hit by the deafening voice. His mind went blank for the next several seconds.

By the time he had recovered his senses, the troop of unknown beings had vanished from his sight. Wyot could not detect their presence or aura no matter how far he stretched his senses.

Meanwhile, a group of beings had appeared outside the South Heaven Gate at the Human Universe.

Those men got down on their knees and chanted in unison,” Your Highness, we are here to escort you home.”

Their voices reverberated across the entire Heavenly Court.

Upon hearing the noise, Jacopo, Winnie, and the others materialized near the South Heaven Gate. A short while later, Thea arrived there as well.

Thea furrowed her brows as she spotted the troop waiting outside the gate. She took a few steps forward and asked,” Who are you looking for?”

The elderly man standing in front of the troop walked over to Thea and got down on one knee. He greeted her respectfully, “Greetings to the princess.”

“Princess? Me?” Thea had a look of bewilderment on her face.

If someone from the high-level planes were witnessing what was happening at the Heavenly Court, they would be shocked out of their wits. That was because all of the men in the troop were Great Celestial Rank cultivators.

Moreover, the elderly man kneeling before Thea had achieved the peak of Martial Celestial Rank. All of these men were on their knees, and no one across the various planes had received such treatment before.

‘Your Highness.”

The elderly man raised his head and looked at Thea. ‘You are our princess. You come from one of the Four Ancient Races from the Dark World, the Mevryee Race. A civil war broke out in our territory when you were just born. Our lord had to send you away for the sake of your safety back then. Now that the war is over, our lord has sent us here to escort you back home.”

The human cultivators were all shocked upon hearing the man’s words.

None of them had heard of the name of the Mevryee Race before. However, they could all sense a terrifyingly immense amount of aura coming from the group of men kneeling before Thea.


Thea was at a loss for words.

Xrival had told her about how he found Thea at the periphery of the Dark World in the past. However, there was no additional information regarding her origin or background.

“What is the meaning of all this?” Thea asked, “What are the Four Ancient Races? What exactly is the Mevryee Race?”

‘Your Highness, you should follow me back to our territory first. The Lord will explain all of it to you when you see him,” the man replied.

Thea turned around to look at her children and her people.

After a brief moment, she answered, “Alright. I’ll go with you after I finish making the necessary arrangements for the Endlos Plane “

Thea had been thinking about leaving the Endlos Plane to search for James on the Central Plane for quite some time now. However, she did not expect that her real family would come looking for her now.

She wanted to find out more about her actual background as well.


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