The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5260

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5260-For Thea, time seemed to be passing by very slowly ever since James had left the Endlos.

In the meantime, she had mastered the Genesis Power of the Endlos and became the lord of the Endlos Plane.

Since Thea had decided to follow those men and travel to the Mevryee Race’s territory, it was time she appointed another person to be the new Endlos Plane’s lord.

The Endlos Plane had the potential to grow and evolve into an eighth-level plane soon. The common cultivator would not have what it takes to manage all life at an eighth-level plane.

Thea needed someone with the brains and skills to govern the Endlos Plane.

She turned her eyes to the group of human cultivators standing behind her. As her gaze drifted across those familiar faces, Thea could not find anyone suitable for the task in that crowd.

After a moment’s consideration, Thea decided that the best candidate for the position was Hetsema. The young man was a quick learner and a talented cultivator. Hetsema was also very resourceful and ambitious.

“I need to stop by the Orstellen Sect.”

Thea teleported and re-emerged at the Orstellen Sect’s main hall.


Hetsema’s face broke into a smile as soon as he spotted Thea. “You’ve been busy since becoming the lord of the Endlos Plane. What brings you here today?”

‘Take a walk with me,” Thea suggested.

“Sure.” Hetsema grinned broadly.

The two of them arrived at a quiet, desolate area.

“I’m going to leave the Endlos soon,” Thea started.


Hetsema paused briefly and asked, “Why are you leaving?”

Thea did not explain about the reason. Instead, she said,” Before leaving, I want to get someone to take over the position as the new lord of the Endlos Plane.”

“So, you’ve come to see me because you want me to become the new lord?”

“Mhm.” Thea nodded. “I gave it some thought and decided that you are the perfect candidate for the position. You are a competent and gifted cultivator. We already have many superior cultivators living in the Endlos Plane. With time, there will be more of these cultivators produced in the Endlos. The normal cultivator would not be able to keep all these people in check. However, I am confident that you can do that whilst managing the Endlos Plane.” “I’ll make sure to do a good job. I won’t let you down,”

Hetsema continued, “I have just learned all the knowledge contained in the Genesis Path Scripture. My powers and cultivation rank are still rather insufficient at the moment. However, I will become the number-one cultivator in the Endlos by putting the knowledge of the Genesis Path Scripture and the resources we have here in the Endlos to good use.”

“Follow me.”

Thea took Hetsema to the core area of the new Endlos.

Then, she had him cultivate the Genesis Power of the Endlos Plane in that place so that he would become the new Endlos’ Plane Lord.

After that, Thea returned to the Heavenly Court.

People had gathered inside the main hall of the Heavenly Court.


Jacopo and the others had woeful looks on their faces.


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