The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5261

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5261-Thea looked at her children adoringly and said, “After I leave, don’t neglect your cultivation. With the Supernatural Power James left behind and the Endlos Plane’s resources, all of you will be able to reach the Great Celestial Rank or even higher.”

Outside the South Heaven Gate, a group from the Mevryee Race was waiting for Thea to make arrangements in the Endlos Plane.

Thea bid farewell to the Heavenly Court’s members. Soon, she walked out of the Heavenly Court.

The group greeted her in unison, “Princess.” The powerhouse at the Martial Celestial Rank approached, bowed, and asked respectfully, “Can we leave now, Princess?”

“Yeah.” Thea nodded gently.

A flying battleship immediately appeared outside the Heavenly Court. The group welcomed Thea on board.

After Thea and the group of powerhouses from the Mevryee Race arrived, the flying battleship departed and entered the darkness.

Thea was inside a room on the battleship. An old man stood before her and said respectfully, “My name is Xzander Quantz, Princess.”

Thea nodded and responded, “Alright. Can you tell me the origin of the Dark World’s Four Ancient Races?”

Xzander thought for a while and asked, “How much do you know about this world, Princess?”

Without hesitation, she replied, “From what I know, there are countless planes, including the Central Plane.”

“That’s it?” Xzander looked at her in confusion.

Thea returned his gaze and asked, “Yes. Am I wrong?”

Xzander explained, “You’re right, but that’s only a tiny fraction of our world. The Dark World is much deeper and broader than we will ever know. All planes are formed within the Dark World.

“Nobody knows where the darkness leads to, nor where its borders are. What other things that are hidden in the darkness is also uncertain. Not even the Dark World’s Four Ancient Races can say for sure.”

Thea asked again, “What are the Four Ancient Races? Which planes do they belong to?”

Xzander replied, “The Four Ancient Races don’t belong to any plane, but at the same time, they also belong to all planes since every plane that exists is born within the Dark World.”

Thea’s brows furrowed.

Xzander elaborated, “Apart from the planes we know of, there are some other spaces within the Dark World suitable to be inhabited. They aren’t planes. In fact, they are much more advanced. The living beings in these spaces have existed before the first plane was even born. They are known as the Primevals.

The Four Ancient Races are the strongest among them.

“In all of the planes, there are hardly any people who know about the Dark World’s Four Ancient Races since they were born in their respective planes.

Even though they have reached great heights in their cultivation, their knowledge is limited to planes. They don’t have the chance to get in contact with the Primevals or the Four Ancient Races.

“Only top powerhouses can leave their planes, and only those who have ventured into the Dark World can learn about the Primevals and the Four Ancient Races.”

Thea had a clearer picture of the Dark World’s situation.

“How does the strength of the Dark World’s Four Ancient Races compare to the countless planes?” asked Thea.

Xander replied, “An ordinary being from a Primitive Race can’t compare to one from a powerful plane. The Central Plane is full of powerhouses. However, there are many different powerful races amongst the Primevals. They’ve been around for a long time, and even if they had average potential, they would be quite strong after living for so long.”

The Primevals and the countless planes were both powerful. It was impossible to say which one was stronger than the other.

“How does the Dark World’s Four Ancient Races compare to the different planes?” asked Thea.

Xzander replied, “Any of the Four Ancient Races can easily crush several planes.”

With just a few words, Thea had a rough understanding of the Four Ancient Races’ strength.

“However, there are a few powerhouses born in the countless planes that even the Four Ancient Races are wary of.”


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