The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5262

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5262-From the brief conversation, Thea learned the Dark World’s Four Ancient Races’ were incredibly powerful. Despite that, the countless planes were not to be underestimated either since there were powerhouses that even the Four Ancient Races were wary of.

Suddenly, Thea recalled something and asked, “Have you ever heard of the Genesis Path Scripture?”

Thea was confused as to how James had so many Supernatural Powers that came from outside of the Endlos Plane. He never explained it to her, so she wanted to find out the truth.

Xzander was stunned. He looked at Thea and asked, ‘The Genesis Path Scripture? You know about it?”

Thea nodded lightly. “Yeah, I’ve heard about it.”

Xzander explained, “There are many talented powerhouses in the countless planes. The person who created the Genesis Path Scripture was a genius with great potential. He acquired great strength within just a short period, and he created the Genesis Path Scripture.

Unfortunately, he died in an incident. Otherwise, with his potential, he would’ve become an existence that even the Four Ancient Races would fear.”

Intrigued, Thea asked, “What kind of person was he?”

Xzander was from the Mevryee Race. Although most Primevals do not move around in planes, they have their intelligence networks in the different planes. Thus, they knew about the significant events in the planes.

He explained, “The person who created the Genesis Path Scripture is called James Caden. He’s also the founder of Supremusseum, one of the strongest forces in the Central Plane. I remember that before he perished, he was at the Martial Celestial Rank’s peak. Even when compared to someone from the Four Ancient Races, he is quite powerful. I’m sure he could crush many of the Primevals.”

“J-James Caden?” Thea’s expression stiffened.

In the past, she had speculated many possibilities. However, James, being the Genesis Path Scripture’s creator, was never one of them. She also never thought James could be the founder of the Supreemusseum in his past life, either.

“What’s wrong, Princess?” asked Xzander.

Thea answered, “N-Nothing.”

After learning about James’ true identity, she stopped asking questions.

The battleship quickly traveled through the Dark World for many years.

Soon, a glimmer of light shone through the darkness, and a vast land appeared in sight. Although it was not a plane, its size was comparable to a plane.

Xzander pointed at the land that had appeared and said,” That’s the Mevryees’ territory.”

“Mhm.” Thea nodded lightly.

Xzander led Thea into the Mevryees’ territory and toward a majestic building on a spiritual mountain.

At that moment, the powerhouses of the Mevryee Race gathered inside the main hall. A middle-aged man sat in the highest seat. Although he looked relatively ordinary, he exuded a domineering aura.

Thea walked into the hall under Xzander’s guidance.


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