The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5263

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5263-Thea immediately became the center of attention when she entered the hall.

She felt uncomfortable by their gazes, so she refrained from speaking.

Xzander knelt on the ground and said, “My lord, I’ve brought the princess back.” The man in the highest seat looked at Thea and said, “She looks almost identical to her mother.” Thea looked at the black-robed man and asked, “A-Are you my biological father?” The man stood up, descended from the platform, and stopped before Thea. He held her hand and said tenderly, ” You’ve suffered a lot all these years. I’m glad you made it back.” Thea was unfamiliar with facing the father she had never met before. She pulled her hand from his grasp and stepped backward.

The black-robed man was Talvelai Mabins, the Mevryee Race’s Leader and also a powerful cultivator.

Talvelai was not angry that Thea refused his affection. Instead, he said smilingly, “Bring the princess to rest.”

Soon, a maid approached and led Thea away.

After Thea left the hall, a powerhouse of the Mevryee Race stood up and said, “Now that the princess has returned, we can proceed with the alliance with the Yeftero Race. We’ve just resolved our internal conflict, and if we don’t ally with them, it’ll be hard for us to gain a foothold among the Primitive Races.”

“I agree, my lord. The Yeftero Race is also one of the Four Ancient Races. We must form the alliance as soon as possible.”

Many of the Mevryee Race’s powerhouses expressed their opinions.

Talvelai frowned and massaged his forehead. He replied, ” The princess has just returned. If I ask her to marry into the Yeftero Race right away, I’m afraid she won’t agree to it.”

“The princess doesn’t have a say in this matter.”

“As a descendant of the Mevryees, it’s required of her to make sacrifices.”

“Moreover, the Yefteros are one of the Four Ancient Races. They are a powerful force. Many Primevals would die for a chance to marry into the Yefteros. It’s a blessing for the princess.”

A few of the Mevryees’ powerhouses spoke out.

Talvelai responded, “We’ll discuss this later.”

After arriving in the Mevryees’ territory, Thea was treated with the utmost respect as deserved by the princess. Even the maids serving her were at the Petit Celestial Rank, which was much higher than hers.

After staying in the Mevryees for some time, Talvelai came to speak with her.

‘Thea.” Talvelai smiled brightly.

Thea sat in a yard and looked at Talvelai, who was approaching. She responded to him with a light nod.

Talvelai walked over, sat beside her, and started a conversation. He talked about the Mevryees’ history and the internal conflict that had happened recently.

“Although the internal conflict has been solved, the Mevryees’ foundation is the worst amongst the Four Ancient Races. We urgently need to ally with either of the other three Ancient Races. I’ve already formed an alliance agreement with the Yefteros. To show my sincerity, I’ll have to marry you off into the Yefteros.”

Thea immediately stood up and said, “No! I’m not marrying anyone!”

Talvelai also stood up and attempted to calm her, saying,” Don’t be mad, Thea.

The Yefteros are a potent force. So many other women would die for a chance to marry into them. It’s a great blessing for you.”

Thea stared at Talvelai and said, “Even so, I’ll immediately leave if you force me to get married.”

Talvelai’s face darkened, and he said coldly, “As a member of the Mevryees, you have no right to refuse. Whether you like it or not, you must marry into the Yefteros. Think about your children in the Endlos Plane. Don’t force me to kill them.”


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