The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5265

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5265-“I…” Thea’s eyes became watery. Shortly after, crystal tears rolled down her cheeks.

Talvelai sighed and said, “Yui Yeftero is the Yefteros’ greatest prodigy. The Yefteros will do whatever it takes to help him improve. If they find out about your life, they will kill James and destroy the entire Endlos Plane. You should think about it carefully.”

Thea froze on the spot. Initially, she planned to see James and discuss a countermeasure. However, she understood it was already out of the question.

She asked with tears in her eyes, “Then, can I at least see him one last time? I won’t approach him. I’ll just look at him from afar.”

Thea wanted to know how James was coping in the Central Plane.

Talvelai said, ‘You can secretly see him from afar. I’ll send powerhouses to escort you to the Central Plane. However, remember you’re not allowed to make any contact with James. To the Yefteros, you’re already their asset. If they find out you’ve come in contact with another man, they won’t let him live.”

Thea left with a burdened heart, returning to the spiritual mountain where she resided. She thought coming to the Mevryees was a blessing, but instead, it was a nightmare.

She was resolute to only be with James, and no other man was allowed to lay hands on her.

Therefore, she planned to see James one last time. Then, she would pretend to go along with the marriage and take her life on the wedding day. She would never lay with another man.

Her only last concern was James. She already knew about James’ past life.

After learning about the Supremusseum’s battle, she understood how much hatred was in James’ heart and was angry that she could not share his burden.

Thea sat in the manor’s yard in a daze. Talvelai suddenly appeared and was accompanied by an ordinary middle-aged man wearing a gray robe.

Talvelai pointed at the man beside him and said, “Thea, this is a confidant of mine. He is at the early stage of the Holy Celestial Rank and is among the best powerhouses in the Mevryees. He’ll be escorting you to the Central Plane. You can ask him to help you with anything as long as it isn’t unreasonable or overboard.”

“The Holy Celestial Rank?” Thea looked at the man beside Talvelai. She never expected the Mevryees to so casually send her an escort at the Holy Celestial Rank. He was even stronger than James in his past life.

“It’s an honor to meet you, Princess.” The middle-aged man knelt on one knee.

Thea quickly responded, “Please stand.”

The man obeyed and stood up.

Talvelai waved his hand and said, “Go on. But I must remind you, don’t expose yourself for the sake of James and the Endlos Plane. If the Yefteros found out, the consequences will be grave.”

Thea nodded gently in response.

“Let’s go, Princess,” the middle-aged man said.

Thea quickly left the area and rushed to the Central Plane without hesitation.


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