The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5266

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5266-Many of Mount Caden’s disciples returned to their respective sects and asked for many Empyrean herbs. The different forces were overjoyed after learning they could trade some Empyrean herbs for the Feimsurge Art. They quickly prepared all their Empyrean herbs to obtain the Feimsurge Art and James’ teaching.

In the back of Mount Caden, Aurelius handed James a storage treasure with a smile and said, ‘The Empyrean herbs are in here, Peak Master. It should be enough to trade for the Feimsurge Art and your guidance in cultivating it.”

James took the storage treasure and verified it with his Zen. Then, he replied smilingly, “Yeah. It’s enough. Next.”

Aurelius sensibly stepped aside.

Wubbe from the Elysium Hall approached and also handed over a storage treasure. James quickly scanned it and said, ” Mhm. It’s good enough. Who’s next?”

Mount Caden’s disciples presented their Empyrean herbs one after another.

James put away the Empyrean herbs with satisfaction and said, “Three days later, I’ll personally hold a lecture in Mount Caden’s dojo to teach the Feimsurge Art. However, I’m only at the fourth stage right now. Thus, I can only teach up until the fourth stage.”

His words overjoyed everyone present.

Immediately afterward, James left to find Gauis and his other comrades, who were cultivating.


As soon as James appeared, the four of them halted their cultivation.

James took out the Empyrean herbs he obtained, distributed them, and said, ‘These should be enough for you guys to reach the Petit Celestial Rank. Stop cultivating for now.

Three days later, head to the dojo. I’ll be teaching the Feimsurge Art.”

His companions were delighted.

James continued, saying, “After the lecture, I’ll need to leave the Dieux Academy for a while. You four don’t have to accompany me, so just cultivate here at ease. I hope when I return, you four will have already reached the Petit Celestial Rank.”

“Where are you going,” asked Zavis.

James replied, “The Supremusseum has invited me to see the Supremusse Lotus in full bloom. They’ve invited a few powerhouses from the Dieux Academy to the Supremusseum to admire its beauty. Sir Xhemal requested for me to attend the event.”

“I see.” Zavis stopped questioning him.

“Do you not want to keep some of these Empyrean herbs to yourself?” asked Taran.

James had given them abundant herbs, and they would be able to enter the Petit Celestial Rank in a very short period.

James replied smilingly, “I don’t need them now. I’m already the Dieux Academy’s Elder. Do you think I lack herbs? The top priority right now is for you four to improve quickly.

Don’t worry about my cultivation rank. I’ll surely keep up with you guys.”

After the conversation with his comrades, James left to prepare for his lecture for the disciples of Mount Caden, who had presented him with Empyrean herbs.

Three days flew by in the blink of an eye.

Early in the morning, the disciples who had paid Empyrean herbs to hear the lecture filled Mount Caden’s dojo.


A light ray fell from the sky and transformed into man.

The disciples were excited after James appeared.

The Dieux Academy’s Supernatural Power, the Feimsurge Art, was one of the top ten within the countless planes.

Since ancient times, nobody except its creator could cultivate it to the highest stage. There were only two people who had reached the Feimsurge Art’s fourth Stage, including James. Even the Dieux Academy’s current headmaster had only reached the Feimsurge Art’s first Stage.

Thus, the disciples were ecstatic about cultivating the Feimsurge Art.

James casually waved his hand and summoned several profound inscriptions.


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