The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5267

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5267-James explained the Feimsurge Art in detail. However, he did not care whether Mount Caden’s disciples understood it. As long as he finished the lecture, his task would be over. They were on their own to figure out the rest.

He patiently explained to his audience, starting from the first Feimsurge Inscription. Then, he went over how to cultivate Feimsurge Art’s first stage to the fourth stage.

Mount Caden’s disciples sat in a lotus position in the dojo. Several of them had frowns, and others were deep in thought.

After James finished the lecture, he stopped talking and quietly left, not wanting to disturb the disciples from comprehending his sharing. The next moment, he appeared outside the Dieux Academy. Suddenly, he made a sharp turn and looked behind him.


A rather handsome middle-aged man appeared. James greeted him respectfully, saying, “Sir Lemuel.”

Lemuel waved his hand and said, “You can drop the formalities. Just call me Lemuel.”

“Alright, Lemuel.” James smiled brightly.

Lemuel said smilingly, “I watched your lecture just now, and I must say your comprehension ability is impressive. I spent a long time creating the Feimsurge Inscriptions and completing the Feimsure Art. Average cultivators would find it incredibly tough to comprehend, but you understood so thoroughly in such a short time. I’m amazed.”

Lemuel had secretly watched James’ lecture and had great admiration for James.

James replied smilingly, “I’m the creator of the Genesis Path Scripture, after all.

I’ve seen many inscriptions before, and there are no inscriptions that I can’t understand. It wasn’t too hard for me to reach the Feimsurge Art’s fourth stage.”

While chatting, they left the Dieux Academy and headed to the Supremusseum in the Central Plane.

“The Supremusse Lotus is a great treasure, Lemuel. If you can absorb and refine it, your strength will increase significantly.” Startled, Lemuel said, “Are you eyeing the Supremusse Lotus? Don’t even think about it. I won’t help you. I’m only accompanying you because I stayed in the Dieux Academy too long and wanted to use this opportunity to walk around.”

James asked, “You’re at the Holy Celestial Rank’s early stage, right?” Lemuel said truthfully, “Yeah. At my current rank, it’s tough to improve further. I wanted to travel the depths of the Dark World to pursue a higher rank. However, I felt reluctant to leave.”

“Why? Because of the Dieux Academy?” Lemuel refused to answer.

The two quietly advanced and soon arrived in the Supreme Universe, where the Supremusseum was located.

The Supreme Universe was strong in the Central Plane. As soon as they arrived, a pleasant fragrance containing the potent energy of heaven and earth permeated the air.

The energy came from the Supremusse Lotus.

The Supremusse Lotus was scarce, and when it was mature, its fragrance could spread throughout an entire universe.

James stood in the void of the universe and looked at the Supremusseum sentimentally. He clenched his fists and thought to himself, ‘I will take back what I’ve lost.’


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