The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5268

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5268-James had a lot going through his mind after returning to the familiar place.

“What are you thinking about? Let’s go.” Lemuel interrupted his thoughts.

James dismissed his thoughts and said, “I haven’t been to the Supremusseum in a long time. It feels like a dream to be back again. I once thought that I would never have the chance to return here, yet I’m back.”

Lemuel already knew about James’ past life, but he did not make any comments.

James sighed and stepped forward.

Soon, they arrived at the Supremusseum.

A magical mountain floated in the Supremusseum’s sky. From a distance, it looked like a huge cloud.

A staircase extended from the sky and came in contact with the ground. The staircase was a thousand meters wide.

Disciples stood on the sides of the stairs and welcomed the powerhouses who had come to participate in their event.

Everyone who had arrived was from powerful factions and given invitations.

Even though the stronger powerhouses from these factions did not necessarily participate in the event, they still had to show respect to the Supremusseum.

Thus, they sent other powerful disciples in their sects to attend.

Supremusse Lotus bloom.

James did not dare to act carelessly in the Supremusseum and sensibly joined the queue.

‘That’s the Dieux Academy’s newly appointed elder.”

“Although I didn’t go to the Dieux Academy’s disciple assessment, I’ve heard Forty-nine found and comprehended the Feimsurge Art. Even though he was only at the Sovereign Third Rank, he defeated Ladon, who had the Supremusse Sword. He showed great potential, so the Dieux Academy made an exception and promoted him to an elder.”

“His achievement is enough to be written into history.”

Many of the surrounding powerhouses recognized James and began talking about him.

James, on the other hand, paid them no attention.

“Forty-nine.” A voice came from behind.

James turned around, looking for the voice’s owner.

A group of living beings in human forms approached. In the lead was a man wearing a white robe with a special symbol embroidered.

James immediately recognized the Valiant Alliance’s symbol on his robe.

The Valiant Alliance was one of the ten major forces in the Central Plane.

The white-robed man approached, looked at James with a playful expression, and said, “I heard you made a bet with Ladon in the Dieux Academy’s disciple assessment and won the Supremusse Sword.

James replied calmly, “Yeah. So?”

“I also want to challenge you to a bet.”

James looked at the white-robed man. Even though he was only at the Sovereign Third Rank, James’ sense was powerful, and he could sense the white-robed man was at the Great Celestial Rank.

“A bet?” James smiled faintly and asked, “What are we betting?”

The white-robed man smiled faintly and said, “I want the Supremusse Sword.”


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