The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5269

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5269-The white-robed man’s actions stirred up a commotion.

“Why is the Valiant Alliance picking a fight with Forty-nine?”

“He’s the son of Thorqua Jager, the Valiant Alliance’s Leader.”

“I heard Thorqua has nine very talented sons.”

“That’s Thorqua’s eldest son. He is pretty average and has only reached the Great Celestial Rank.”

“What is wrong with the Dieux Academy? How could they send Forty-nine here after he had won the bet against Ladon and acquired the Supremusse Sword?

Although the Supremusseum won’t do anything to him since he is the representative of the Dieux Academy, it doesn’t mean the other forces would leave him be. Even if they can’t kill Forty- nine, they won’t hesitate to injure him.”

A lot of discussions happened around them.

The name of the Valiant Alliance’s Leader’s eldest son was Hadran Jager. When Hadran spotted James, he was instantly drawn to the idea of winning over the Supremusse Sword. He planned to seize the Supremusse Sword and return it to the Supremusseum to gain their favor.

“How can someone at the Great Celestial Rank bully a human only at the Sovereign Third Rank?” A disdainful snort resounded in the area.

Immediately afterward, a white light fell from the sky and formed into an ethereal-looking woman wearing a white dress. She was about 180 centimeterstall and had an excellent figure.

“Ms. Ynez.” When the living beings around noticed the woman, they greeted her respectfully.

The woman was none other than the Jerneeja Valley’s Master, Ynez Hackett.

Ynez was at the peak of the Martial Celestial Rank. In all of the planes, she was one of the strongest. As for how she compared to the other powerhouses, nobody knew since the top powerhouses have never really had life-and-death duels with each other.

James quickly approached Ynez, clasped his hands, and said, “I’m Forty-nine from the Dieux Academy. It’s an honor to meet such a beautiful young lady.”

Ynez laughed after being called a young lady.

“I’m so much more senior than you, brat. But I do like being called a young lady.”

Hadran was startled to see the Ynez. He could not understand why such an influential figure of the Central Plane would speak up for a human at the Sovereign Rank.

Ynez had helped James because of Sevara. After Sevara joined Mount Caden, she returned to the Jerneeja Valley to ask for some Empyrean herbs, saying she could exchange them for the Feimsurge Art. It was only then that she learned about James.

“I’m sorry for not preparing a better welcoming for you, Ms. Ynez.” A voice suddenly came from the distance.

Immediately afterward, the current leader of the Supremusseum, Quirijn, appeared. He smiled brightly and said, “I haven’t seen you in a while, Ms. Ynez.

I wasn’t expecting you to visit us in person.”

Ynez turned to Quirijn, smiled faintly, and responded, “I’ve been in seclusion for a while and wanted to come out for a walk.”

“You shouldn’t involve yourself with the junior’s grievances.” Quirijn made a welcoming gesture.

Ynez wanted to speak, but James promptly interrupted, saying, “Go ahead.

Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine.”

Ynez cast a glance at James and silently followed Quirijn to the Supremusseum.

After they left, Hadran finally felt relieved. He looked at James and said, “Will you accept the challenge?”

James smiled faintly and said, “You want me to bet the Supremusse Sword, right? So what’s in it for me?”

Although James was only at the Sovereign Third Rank, he had already regained possession of the Supremusse Sword. Thus, he was not afraid to face an opponent at the Great Celestial Rank’s early stage anymore. He could easily kill Hadran if he wanted to.


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