The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5270

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5270-Hadran could not contain his joy after sensing James’ willingness to accept the bet. He thought for a while and realized there was nothing he had that could compare to the Supremusse Sword. After a brief contemplation, he took out a token.

A few elderly men behind him immediately panicked.

“You mustn’t, Mr. Hadran” “Mr. Hadran, you can’t bet this token.”

Hadran waved his hand and said, “It’s alright.”

He looked at James and said, “This is a token to an eighthlevel plane. It contains the Genesis Path of an eighth-level plane. If you refine it, you can become the lord of the plane. I’ll bet this token. If you lose, I’ll have the Supremusse Sword. If I lose, this token is yours.” Although the Supremusse Sword was an incredible weapon, it could not compare to an eighth-level plane. After all, the Supremusse Sword was a mere weapon. An eighth-level plane, on the other hand, could keep producing resources.

Some of the Valiant Alliance’s powerhouses accompanying Hadran had solemn expressions.

Despite their concerns, Hadran calmly reassured them, saying, “Don’t worry, guys. Nothing will go wrong. Even though Forty-nine has some skills, his cultivation base is weak. Even with the Supremusse Sword, he is no match against me.”

Hadran was beaming with confidence.

‘An eighth-level plane?’ James was shocked by Hadran’s offer.

James replied smilingly, “As expected from the Valiant Alliance. You’re putting an eighth-level plane on the line so easily. I’ll accept your challenge. You can decide how the challenge will take place. With so many powerhouses witness, I trust you won’t go back on your word after losing.”

Hadran laughed and said, “Good. Let’s use the most direct way. We’ll fight in an arena. Life or death will be up to fate.”

“As you wish,” James agreed.

“Let’s go to the Supremusseum’s arena,” said Hadran.

After deciding on the form of their bet and the venue, they quickly moved to the Supremusseum’s arena.

The stakes were high, and it attracted a lot of attention.

Hadran and James stood inside the arena, and a large crowd gathered outside to spectate. Even Quirijn and Ynez came to watch the battle.

Outside the arena, Ynez frowned and murmured, “This brat is overestimating himself. He’s only at the Sovereign Third Rank. Even if he did cultivate the Feimsurge Art, he doesn’t stand a chance against an opponent at the Great Celestial Rank.”

From Ynez’s standpoint, James was digging his own grave. Even with the Feimsurge Art and the Supremusse Sword, he could not possibly take on an opponent at the Great Celestial Rank while only at the Sovereign Third Rank.

Quirijn, on the other hand, smiled faintly. He said, ‘The Dieux Academy’s newly appointed elder is quite bold. I’d like to see how he’ll fight an opponent at the Great Celestiral Rank.”

Many powerhouses had gathered outside the arena, and the majority of them were at the Great Celestiral Rank. None of them was optimistic about James.

Hadran stood in the arena relaxedly.

“I’ve watched your battle with Ladon. I must acknowledge you have the strength to fight an opponent at the Petit Celestial Rank after casting the Feimsurge Art.

However, I’m at the Great Celestial Rank. Even though you’ve obtained the Supremusse Sword, you don’t stand a chance against me. You should just hand me the sword and avoid death.”

James replied casually, “Hmm? You’re quite confident, aren’t you?” Hadron said relaxedly, “It’s a piece of cake to defeat you. I don’t want to kill you, but in an arena, accidents are inevitable. I’m afraid I won’t be able to contain my strength, and I might kill you by accident. It’s better you just hand over the Supremusse Sword and walk out of here alive.”

Hadron was confident in obtaining the Supremusse Sword.

However, James was also relatively calm. He had the Supremusse Sword, which was capable of instantly killing an opponent at the Great Celestial Rank’s early stage. Back on Mount Caden, he had killed the chief disciple of the Dieux Academy’s Mount Wagga with just one blow.

Moreover, the chief disciple of Mount Wagga focused on cultivating his physical body. Yet, James still trounced him.


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