The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5271

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5271

James could kill Hadran without much effort. Without much hesitation, he cast the Feimsurge Art. His physical strength, soul power, and bloodline power were enhanced significantly.

James’ strength was raised by leaps and bounds in just a short moment and reached the Petit Celestial Rank. At the same time, he looked to have entered a mysterious state. It seemed like he was a higher being from a different world, and Hadran was just like a mere ant in his eyes.

Immediately afterward, James summoned the Supremusse Sword.

Quirijn’s face darkened after seeing the sword, but he quickly hid his emotions.

In the arena, James gripped the Supremusse Sword and emitted a potent aura.

Initially, James had no intentions of making a bet with Hadran, nor did he want to reveal the Supremusse Sword’s powers, as it would arouse suspicion.

However, he was tempted by the eighth-level plane. After winning the bet, he would become the lord of an eighth-level plane. He could hide the plane and quietly merge it into the Endlos Plane.

The Endlos Plane had great potential to grow into an eighthlevel plane.

Unfortunately, merging two eighth-level planes could not produce a ninth-level plane. It required more than just a few eighthlevel planes.

The Endlos Plane was James’ home and his support. He only took the risk and accepted Hadran’s challenge because he was determined to help it grow stronger. Even though there was a chance he might expose his identity, he was not afraid because Lemuel, a powerhouse at the Holy Celestial Rank’s early stage, was accompanying him.

‘Til kill you with just one move.” James wielded the Supremusse Sword with confidence.

“Haha!” Hadran laughed.

“What a joke. You’re only at the Sovereign Third Rank. You must be dreaming to think that you can kill me with just the Feimsure Art and the Supremusse Sword.

Today, I’ll show you the power of the Great Celestiral Rank.”

Hadran’s mocking laughter spread throughout the arena.

Before Hadran had the opportunity to make a move, James attacked.

James knew his ultimate weapon was the Supremusse Sword. His strength, aura, speed, reaction, and other abilities simply could not compare to Hadran.

Thus, he could not let the battle prolong. He had to end it as soon as possible.

He leaped into the air, and the Supremusse Sword emitted the Genesis Power of countless planes. The different forces gathered together and formed into a dazzling sword energy.

The spectators were surprised at James’ sword energy.

“He’s skilled in the Sword Path.”

“Hadran is going to lose.”

The powerhouses outside the arena instantly sensed the sword energy’s power and knew it was enough to kill a powerhouse at the Great Celestial Rank’s early stage.

Hadran was also stunned. While he was caught up in the shock, James’ sword energy had already inched close. He quickly reacted and wanted to dodge.

However, the sword energy’s force was too overwhelming, slowing down his movements. Before it even struck, his body and soul were already injured.

The Valiant Alliance’s Leader’s eldest son, Hadran, was about to perish.


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