The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5272

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5272

The powerhouses spectating the fight knew Hadran was done for as soon as James attacked.

At the last second, an elderly man suddenly rushed into the arena. He shielded in front of Hadran, raised his hand, and unleashed a powerful force to block James’ sword.

Although Hadran was not struck, James’ Sword Energy had already caused severe injuries to him. He was covered with wounds, soaked in blood.

Hadran panted heavily, and sweat dripped from his forehead.

“Elder,” Hadran called out with a shaky voice.

“You’re desire to kill is a bit too strong, young man.”

The elderly man looked at James with a grim expression.

James replied calmly, “A battle isn’t child’s play.”

The Valiant Alliance’s elder said coldly, “There’s still no reason to kill.”

The elderly man was an elder of the Valiant Alliance. He was at the peak of the Great Celestial Rank and was only one step away from reaching the Martial Celestial Rank.

James did not want to waste time on nonsense. He stretched his hand and replied, “Since you saved him, he has lost the battle. According to our agreement, he will hand over an eighth-level plane.”

“This…” The elderly man hesitated. He turned around and looked at Hadran, who was still behind him in a state of shock.

“What’s the matter? Are you two going to go back on your words?”

James’ face darkened. Then, he suddenly laughed and sneered, ‘The dignified Valiant Alliance tricked me, and I’ve got many witnesses today. Forget it. I don’t want the eighthlevel plane anymore. However, I’d like to ask everyone to spread the word about today’s matter. I want all the planes to know about the Valiant Alliance’s lack of integrity.”

The elder of the Valiant Alliance had a grim expression. An eighth-level plane was incredibly precious, and he was reluctant to hand it over to James.

However, if they went back on their word, the Valiant Alliance’s reputation would be ruined. In the future, it would be hard forthem to recruit disciples.

“Elder, I…” Hadran was at a loss. He never expected defeat to a human at the Sovereign Third Rank. He would have died if the elder had not appeared to block James’ attack.

“Since you’ve lost, then hand it over for now. You can get it back in the future.”

Although the elder compromised, his expression was incredibly hostile, and his heart was fuming with murderous intent. However, he calmed himself, knowing he could not act rashly at the Supremusseum.

Hadran obediently took out the token and handed it over to the elder.

The Valiant Alliance’s tossed it over to James.

“Thank you.” James accepted the token with a smile, then put away the Supremusse Sword and dispersed the Feimsurge Art.

Outside the arena, Ynez marveled, “He’s powerful. Despite being at the Sovereign Third Rank, he can defeat an opponent at the early stage of the Great Celestial Rank with just one move. That was a battle worthy of being remembered.”

Quirijn joined in, saying, ‘That kid is bizarre. Even I can’t completely exert the Supremusse Sword’s full potential, but he can. His cultivation base is still really weak right now. If he improves, the Supremusse Sword will also become more potent.

The Supremusse Sword was an exceptional weapon and would become stronger along with its user’s cultivation rank.

In James’ hands, the Supremusse Sword’s strength was equivalent to the Great Celestial Rank. When James reached the Petit Celestial Rank, the Supremusse Sword’s power would be at the Great Celestial Rank’s later stage


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