The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5273

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5273-“Something doesn’t feel right.” Quirijn frowned, unsure how James could exert the Supremusse Sword’s true power.

Ynez said, “There’s nothing wrong. Perhaps you’re just incompatible with the Supremusse Sword. Forty-nine might be perfect for it and can unleash its true potential.’’ Quirijn did not refute her. However, he suddenly thought of the Supremusseum’s founder and the person who had crafted the Supremusse Sword, James Caden.

He thought to himself, ‘Could Forty-nine be a descendant of James Caden?’ Despite his suspicion, he could not verify it. He planned to investigate Forty-nine after the Supremusseum’s event, completely unaware even the Dieux Academy did not find out his origin even after a thorough investigation.

After James obtained an eighth-level plane, he walked down from the arena ecstatically. Then, he stopped before Lemuel and asked smilingly, “What do you think about my sword?”

Lemuel praised him, saying, “Impressive. You exerted the Supremusse Sword’s Genesis Power and merged them into a powerful Sword Path. It’s a pity your cultivation base is still really weak. If you raise your cultivation rank, you’ll become an amazing existence throughout all of the planes.”

Lemuel had seen a lot of different Sword Paths before. There were not many that could shock him, yet James’ Sword Path was impressive enough to amaze him.

He felt admiration for the creator of the Genesis Path Scripture.

A man and woman arrived outside the Supreme Universe.

The middle-aged man asked, “Is that James, Princess?”

The woman was Thea, and the man was a powerhouse at the early stage of the Holy Celestial Rank from the Mevryee Race, who was chosen to accompany her as a bodyguard.

The bodyguard’s name was Yuvin Mora, and he was a loyal confidant to the Mevryee Race’s Leader, Talvelai.

Thea looked at James from outside the universe. James had changed his appearance, but his aura was the same, and she followed his aura to the Supreme Universe.

“Yeah. That’s James,” Thea replied with teary eyes.

James was in the universe ahead of her, but she could not go to reunite with him.

Yuvin praised, “He’s not bad. It’s no wonder he managed to create the Supremusseum. In his past life, he was at the Martial Celestial Rank’s late stage, but his explosive strength might overpower an opponent at the Holy Celestial Rank’s early stage. If he was almost obliterated and forced to reincarnate, his opponent must’ve been incredibly powerful.

“With his potential, he would’ve entered the Holy Celestial Rank by now had he not died. It might even be possible for him to fight the Yefteros with the Supremusseum. However, he wouldn’t be able to cause much damage. Even if he had survived and reached the Holy Celestial Rank, he wouldn’t stand a chance against the Yefteros.”

Thea already learned about how powerful the Yefteros were. Now, she did not hope for anything more and was satisfied with quietly seeing James from afar.

She planned to see James for a while before returning to the Mevryees to marry into the Yefteros. However, she would take her life on her wedding day.

James, on the other hand, was completely unaware. He had no idea Thea was a member of the Mevryees and that she had a Tenebrous Body. He was also clueless about her planned marriage into the Yefteros.

James settled down in the Supremusseum, waiting for the Supremusse Lotus to bloom. He had two agendas. Firstly, he wanted to get close to the Supremusseum’s forbidden area and retrieve his past life’s treasures. Secondly, he wanted to persuade Lemuel to seize the Supremusse Lotus.


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