The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5274

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5274-Inside James’ residence at the Supremusseum, James looked at relaxed Lemuel and continuously persuaded him.

“Lemuel, the Supremusse Lotus is a very rare treasure. It contains a lot of mysteries. From what I know, there aren’t many herbs in all planes comparable to the Supremusse Lotus. You’re at the Holy Celestial Rank’s early stage, right?

Don’t you want to make a breakthrough and enter the middle stage?”

James began his non-stop presentation about the Supremusse Lotus’s benefits, trying to get Lemuel to seize the Supremusse Lotus.

After Lemuel obtained the Supremusse Lotus, he would convince him to share it. It would save him a lot of hard work in his cultivation if he could get half of the Supremusse Lotus.

The Supremusse Lotus was of high quality, and ordinary Empyrean herbs could not even come close.

Lemuel chuckled and said, ‘You brat. Stop trying to make me steal the Supremusse Lotus. The Supremusseum is a powerful force and isn’t easy to mess with. I don’t want to get myself in trouble.”

Although Lemuel was a powerhouse at the Holy Celestial Rank’s early stage, the Supremusseum was a massive faction. He would be pestered constantly in the future if he were to steal theSupremusse Lotus.

Despite James’ efforts, Lemuel was not moved. Ultimately, he had no choice but to give up.

“Forget it.” James put a stop to the topic. He leaned back into his chair, looked at the clear sky, and began thinking of his other goal. He wanted to enter the forbidden area, open the barrier, and retrieve his treasures.

“I’ll go look around,” James stood up and left.

Thea and Yuvin were still outside the Supreme Universe.

Although they were outside the universe, they could hear James and Lemuel’s conversation.

Even though James had set up a formation around his residence, blocking out all other living being’s senses, it did not affect Yuvin.

Yuvin was incredibly powerful, and his senses could easily penetrate the formation. He also helped Thea eavesdrop on the conversation.

Thea asked, “Who’s that guy? Since James is trying to persuade him to seize the Supremusse Lotus, he must be really powerful.”

Yuvin had never seen Lemuel’s face before. Even if he did, he had no recollection of him.

He shook his head lightly and said, “I don’t know him.

However, his aura is potent, and he has already entered the Holy Celestial Rank. From my knowledge, there aren’t many people who have entered that rank. I didn’t expect to see one right after arriving in the Central Plane.”

Thea looked at Yuvin and asked pleadingly, “Could you snatch the Supremusse Lotus?”

Knowing that James wanted the Supremusse Lotus, Thea wanted to do something for him before she left. However, her cultivation rank was limited, and she could not snatch the Supremusse Lotus for him. Her only option was to ask Yuvin for the favor.

Talvelai had mentioned that Yuvin would help her with anything if the request was reasonable.


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