The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5275

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5275-Thea was unsure whether her request to snatch the Supremusse Lotus would be acceptable.

“You want me to snatch the Supremusse Lotus?” Yuvin’s brows furrowed.

Yuvin said solemnly, “Princess, the Supremusseum is one of the ten major forces in the Central Plane. Although they don’t have a powerhouse at the Holy Celestial Rank, they still have several powerhouses at the peak of the Martial Celestial Rank. It will not be easy to steal the Supremusse Lotus and leave so easily.”

Thea looked at him pleadingly and asked, “Could you please help me this one time?” Seeing Thea’s pitiful expression, Yuvin sighed and compromised. “Fine, I’ll help you this once. However, you can’t stay with me while I take action. I’ll do it alone. After I escape, I’ll come meet up with you.”

Thea’s face lit up. She nodded and said, “Thank you, Yuvin.”

Yuvin sighed and said, “I don’t know what kind of charms that guy has to deserve your unwavering love.”

Thea looked into the universe ahead, not wanting to reply to him.

At that moment, James roamed around the Supremusseum. With the impending event in the Supremusseum, many powerful guards were stationed around the spiritual mountains.

Although James was a guest of the Supremusseum, he could only move around in the spiritual mountain where he resided and would be blocked if he tried to go to other spiritual mountains.

James strolled around but was immediately blocked when he got close to another spiritual mountain and had no choice but to turn back.

After looking around the area, James had a rough understanding of the Supremusseum’s current condition.

Many of the formations he had set up in the past had already been changed.

However, the forbidden area’s formation had remained the same. In the past, he had used the Genesis Path Scriptures to set up the formation. Even though Quirijn had outstanding achievements in his cultivation, he did not have the Genesis Path Scripture.

Thus, he couldn’t possibly replace the formation around the forbidden area.

Although the formation remained unchanged, it was guarded heavily by many guards. There was even a powerhouse at the Martial Celestial Rank’s early stage stationed around the forbidden area. It was tough for James to open the formation and sneak inside the forbidden area.

James returned to his residence worriedly.

Lemuel was leaning lazily on his chair when he saw James returning to the residence dejectedly. He sat up straight and asked, “What’s wrong? You seem to have a lot on your mind.”

James looked at Lemuel, walked over, and sat down. Then, he said solemnly, “I really need your help, Lemuel.”

Lemuel waved his hand, interrupted him, and said, “I already told you I’m only here to relax. I won’t help you with anything.”

James explained, “All the treasures I’ve obtained in my previous life are stored inside the Supremusseum’s forbidden area. However, there’s a Martial Celestial Rank at the early stage guarding the forbidden area. I can’t sneak in at all. I just need you to help me lure him away.

He looked at Lemuel and said pleadingly, “Could you just help me this one time?

There are many ancient books in the forbidden area that I haven’t read yet.

Perhaps there might be one that has something recorded about the Ulus. Don’t you want to know what kind of magical item the Ulus is?”

Lemuel was intrigued by his words. He looked at James, thought for a while, and said, “Fine. I’ll help you. However, I’ll only lure the guards. You’ll have to handle the rest.”

James’ face lit up with joy, and said, “That’s all I need.”

Lemuel said, “Also, you need to be quick. Even though I can lure them away, it might arouse the suspicion of the Supremusseum’s powerhouses. It would not be long before the other powerhouses arrived in the forbidden area. By then, you’ll be in trouble.”

James said confidently, “Even though I don’t have the cultivation rank of my previous life, I set up the formation back then. I don’t even need to open the formation to enter.

I can easily pass through and take everything in an instant.”


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