The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5276

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5276-James was confident. As long as nobody prevented him from entering the forbidden area, he could easily bypass and take away the treasures he had stored in his previous life.

With James’ persistence, Lemuel finally agreed to help lure away the guards outside the formation.

Lemuel asked, “So when do we act?”

After James thought for a while and said, “We shouldn’t rush it. Let’s wait until more than more people enter the Supremusseum. If there’s only a few people, there’s a higher chance of us getting exposed.”

Lemuel nodded gently.

Afterward, they waited patiently in the Supremusseum.

Thirty thousand years passed in the blink of an eye.

During these 30,000 years, James had not been idle.

Instead, he had been cultivating in the time formation. He still had a few Empyrean herbs on hand and raised his cultivation rank to the Sovereign Third Rank’s middle stage. Although it had only improved a little, his progress was considered impressive.

The Supremusse Lotus was about to bloom soon, and the Supremusseum was crowded with powerhouses from different planes.

At night, James and Lemuel gathered together.

James said hushedly, “The Supremusseum is already full of people. It’s a pretty good time to take action.”

Lemuel nodded lightly and replied, “After I take action, I’ll set up a barrier to prevent anyone from detecting what is happening inside the forbidden area, nor can they extrapolate it. However, it will only last for about one minute.

Remember, you only have one minute and must evacuate before time is up.” James clasped his hands and said, “Thank you, Lemuel. One minute is more than enough.”

“Alright. Let’s go,” said Lemuel.

The two quietly left the residence. Soon, they arrived near the forbidden area.

James hid in the dark. Meanwhile, Lemuel changed his aura. Then, he disguised himself as a middle-aged man in a black robe and mask, making it impossible to see his appearance.

“Who’s there?!!” The guard at the Martial Celestial Rank’s early stage immediately spotted Lemuel and stood up.

Lemuel immediately dashed off.

“Where can you escape to?!!” The guard chased after him. Suddenly, a few mysterious inscriptions fell from the sky, trapping him and the other guards.

James quickly seized the opportunity and rushed toward the formation without any hesitation.

The formation did not repel him, and he easily entered the forbidden area. Then, he quickly stored everything into a storage treasure and left.

Everything happened in a few seconds.

A minute later, the guard who had chased after Lemuel returned to the forbidden area. He quickly notified Quirijn about the incident.

Soon, Quirijn and some other powerhouses of the Supremusseum arrived.

The guard explained everything that happened.

Quirijn’s face darkened. He waved his hand and unleashed his powers, wanting to recreate the scene. However, his extraordinary powers could not replay the scene that had happened in the area.

“Damn it.” Quirijn’s expression was terrifyingly grim. “What a mysterious power.”


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