The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5277

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5277-“Even Sir Quirijn can’t recreate the scene here? Who the hell broke into our forbidden area?”

‘The intruder didn’t cause any fluctuations in the formation, so I doubt he made it into the forbidden area.”

‘The Supremusseum’s founder set up this formation. Ordinary cultivators aren’t capable of breaking through it.”

The Supremusseum’s powerhouses began to discuss.

“Who was it? Did you see the intruder’s face?” Quirijn asked with a grim expression.

The guard at the Martial Celestial Rank’s early stage replied truthfully, ‘The intruder was wearing a mask. I couldn’t see his face. He was incredibly fast.

After I noticed him, I immediately chased after him but still lost track of his aura almost instantly.

Quirijn frowned, thinking about the possible identity of the intruder.

Unfortunately, he could not break the formation and enter the forbidden area to verify whether someone had intruded. Moreover, he had no idea what was hidden within the forbidden area.

He ordered sternly, “Keep this incident a secret. I want the Ten Elders to pay close attention to everyone who had entered the Supremusseum. I’d like to see who the bold intruder is.”

“Understood,” the Ten Elders replied simultaneously.

Meanwhile, James returned to his residence. 1 Lemuel had already come back in advance and had restored his previous appearance and aura. He sat on a chair in the yard with a leisurely expression.

When he noticed James, he asked smilingly, “How did it go?”

“Perfect.” James walked over and sat down beside Lemuel.

Lemuel was incredibly curious about the Ulus, the legendary treasure. He said anxiously, “Quickly check if there’s anything about Ulus.”

James summoned a few ancient books that contained various Supernatural Powers. However, in his past life, James was only interested in the Genesis Path, and he completely neglected all these other books.

After casually sensing the content of the pile of books, James noticed one that stood out. The book was thick, and its cover had already turned yellow. A few ancient words were engraved on the cover, reading-Dark Secrets.

James searched his memories and remembered finding the book when he and a group of powerhouses entered a strange space in the Dark World.

Inside the unusual space, there were no other living beings. However, it was full of graves.

James dug up the book from one of the graves.

The graveyard was full of traps, and most of the group that entered with him died except him and another woman.

The woman was none other than Xezal’s past self, Lady Wikolia.

After remembering these past events, James opened the book and reviewed it.

Lemuel walked over curiously.

In the book, a few secrets about the things in the Dark World’s depths were recorded.

James and Lemuel learned about the Primevals that existed before planes. On the last pages of the book, information about Ulus was recorded.

‘There truly is something about the Ulus.”

James was excited after reading about the Ulus.


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