The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5278

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 5278-Many things about the Dark World were recorded in the Dark Secret. Even Lemuel, who had reached the Holy Celestial Rank, was unaware of these things. Although he had great strength, he had never ventured into the Dark World. Thus, he never had the chance to come in contact with the Primevals.

James never expected the Dark World to have so many secrets. He read the entire book and learned the Ulus was a treasure left behind by a powerful Primeval called the Glaciem Race.

The Ulus was a magical item formed inside the Dark World. The Four Ancient Races wanted to seize it forthemselves. Eventually, they joined forces and wiped out the Glaciem Race. However, they failed to obtain the Ulus, and it disappeared along with the destruction of the Glacies.

The ancient book did not have detailed information about the Ulus, but it mentioned clues about it were scattered in the Glacies’ ruins.

Lemuel asked, “Who else has read this book, James?”

James thought about it and replied, “Back then, I entered the Dark World with a group of powerhouses. We stumbled upon an abandoned space by chance.

After we entered a graveyard, most of the group died except for me and Lady Wikolia. After obtaining this book, I never read it, but Lady Wikolia has already gone through it.”

Lemuel said, “Then, Lady Wikolia was most likely the mastermind of your demise.”

James was slightly flabbergasted by the possibility. After some time, he shook his head and said, “I don’t think so. Lady Wikolia had been pursuing me in our past lives. She is from an influential background, yet she followed me around without asking for much. I doubt she would conspire with others to kill me.”

Lemuel said, “She’s the only person that has read the book. Although there aren’t any useful clues to the Ulus’ whereabouts, you both are the only ones that had made it out of the graveyard alive. She probably thought you had already obtained crucial clues about it and spread false news to get other powerhouses to kill you.”

James nodded lightly, agreeing that Lemuel’s suspicion was reasonable.

“Lady Wikolia…Xezal…”

James’ face darkened, and he said coldly, “Sooner or later, the truth will come to light. You better not let me find out you were involved. Otherwise, I’ll shred you into pieces.”

Lemuel did not continue on the topic. He looked at James and asked, “What are you planning to do next?”

James replied, “In my past life, we most probably stumbled upon one of the Glaciem Race’s ruins. I’m guessing the Glacies’ territory split apart into several ruins after it was destroyed. To obtain the Ulus, we’ll have to search for other parts of its ruins and find clues.”

Outside the universe, Yuvin muttered, “Interesting. Back then, none of the Ancient Races managed to find the Ulus. Now, we finally have some clues. I must report this back to Sir Talvelai as soon as possible.”

Thea looked at him pleadingly and said, “Please, don’t tell my father about this.

James will definitely go searching for the Ulus. Father will also send people to look for it if you report this to him. If that happens, James will have to fight my father’s men. I don’t want that to happen.”

Yuvin replied, “You don’t understand how powerful the Ulus is, Princess. It’s an extraordinary treasure. Whoever obtains it will be able to obtain an indestructible body. If we can obtain the Ulus, our race will rise above the other three Ancient Races. We’ll become the strongest in the Dark World.”

Suddenly, his face became solemn. Then, he murmured,” Something doesn’t seem right. Back then, the Four Ancient Races joined forces to destroy the Glaciem Race.

Afterward, they searched the entire Glaciem territory. However, they couldn’t find it. Who left behind the Dark Secret? Why is it recorded that there are clues about the Ulus inside the Glacies’ ruins?”

Yuvin was a bit confused, but he put his thoughts away. He wanted to report the matter to Talevelai. After all, the Mevryees could rise and become the leaders of the Four Ancient Races if they obtained the Ulus, and they would not have to compromise with the other races anymore.


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